A study published on Nov. 22 by the Johns Hopkins University shows using official statistics that the CCP Virus is far from having the severity demonstrated by the media.

Such a statement is based on the analysis and detailed comparison of historical deaths from any cause to the deaths from the virus reported by the various states.

The study was published on the University’s website and was later removed, but can still be seen from the Wayback Machine page.

According to the official data, the United States leads the supposed and controversial ranking of the number of deaths caused by the CCP Virus worldwide.

However, Genevieve Briand, Assistant Director of the Master’s Program in Applied Economics at Hopkins, critically analyzed the virus’s effect on total reported deaths in the United States.

She used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and published it in her webinar entitled “Deaths from COVID-19: A Look at U.S. Data. According to CDC records from mid-March to mid-September, total announced deaths from all causes in the United States reached 1.7 million, of which 200,000, or 12 percent of total deaths, were reported as caused by the CCP Virus.

The severity of mortality from any disease can only be determined based on comparison to total deaths from any cause.

The “much” or “little” are subjective categories that only take real validity compared to a specific number.

This is exactly what Briand did. Instead of looking directly at deaths from the virus, she focused on total deaths by age group and cause of death in the United States. She used this information to analyze a revealing truth about the effects of the CCP Virus.

After retrieving data from the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing the percentages of total deaths in 2020 by age group from early February through early September, which includes the period before the virus was detected in the United States until after infection rates increased.

Experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in the older age groups considering that the CCP Virus mainly affects the elderly. Surprisingly, the number of deaths in the elderly remained the same before and after the virus spread. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.

“The reason we have a higher number of reported COVID-19 deaths among older individuals than younger individuals is simply because every day in the United States, older individuals die in higher numbers than younger individuals,” Briand said.

Analysis of the data suggests that the number of deaths from the CCP Virus is not alarming in contrast to the widespread assumption. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.

As shown in the table below, the total decrease in deaths from other causes is almost exactly equal to the increase in deaths from the CCP Virus reported by individual states.

This suggests, according to Briand, that the number of deaths from the virus is misleading.

Briand assures that deaths due to heart disease, respiratory disease, influenza, and pneumonia have been re-categorized as being caused by the CCP virus.

Graph depicting the total decrease in deaths by various causes, including COVID-19. (conservativedailypost.com)

“All of this points to the fact that there is no evidence that COVID-19 has created an excess of deaths. The total numbers of deaths are not above the normal numbers of deaths. We found no evidence to the contrary,” Briand concluded.

It should be noted that the 200,000 deaths declared by the CDC are constantly being questioned. Since mid-April, different specialists began to decry that several states were altering the actual numbers of deaths. And that, for whatever reason, the majority of Democratic states, with media complicity, inflated the numbers of deaths from the virus.

On Thursday, Johns Hopkins University reported from its official Twitter account that a decision was made to remove the report because certain people “were using it to support false and dangerous inaccuracies about the impact of the pandemic.”

It is striking that a university like Johns Hopkins publishes a report like this and then eliminates it without even refuting the study’s conclusion.

So, what interests are behind it? Is the CCP Virus really as serious as the mass media is showing it to be?

Briand concluded her report by assuring that this data does not say that the virus does not exist; in fact, it does not deny its existence. It simply relativizes the severity in terms of its mortality.

This is not minor, considering that we have the whole world practically paused with terrible consequences in other aspects, precisely using as an argument the supposed “enormous amount of deaths by the CCP Virus.”

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