The “zero-COVID” policy promoted by the Chinese regime pushes people to the limit of their tolerance. Moreover, the inconsistent and exaggerated measures, which in many cases are bordering on the ridiculous, arouse widespread anger. Sometimes, this anger is demonstrated with mockery or irony that explodes on the web.

After the obligation to wear a mask, which has been in place for three years now, a new adjustment of the authorities is forcing the population to wear a mask even during meals.

When people asked in surprise how they should comply with this rule, COVID control staff replied: “Raise the mask to take a bite, then lower the mask while chewing, take a second bite with the mask up, and lower it again while chewing.” It sounds like a joke, but it is not.

Videos of children in schools using this new “sanitary technique” or prevention officers forcing restaurant diners to follow while performing the gesture ignited social networks and angry comments mixed with jokes and parodies on the subject.

The latest award for inventiveness went to a lady who appears in a video with a mask in the shape of a bird’s beak. When she opens her mouth, the “beak” also opens, letting the morsel in without the need to remove the mask. It is still unclear if the lady is promoting the product or if she is making fun. When in doubt, several Internet users advised her to patent the idea, as in China, many people are skilled in copying other people’s inventions.

Of course, creativity in times of pandemic also manifested itself with other novel items to solve the problem of eating and wearing a mask.

In 2020, a doctor at Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai developed a mask that only covers the nose to protect healthcare workers from the coronavirus while eating. The nose cover soon proved an excellent option to eat “protected” and make money from its sale. In Mexico and Korea, other inventors claimed authorship of the revolutionary invention, but this time it can be said that China was the pioneer. 

Apparently, with the new rules, the nose cover is not enough.

The Chinese regime seeks to standardize these measures under the slogan “for your safety and that of the common good.”

The Hong Kong Education Bureau released the film “Youth China Talk,” which shows students practicing singing, calligraphy, and music. Some of the images are striking for their absurdity. For example, a group of young girls trying to play the flute wearing a mask, some are blowing through a hole in the fabric, and others are even wearing a second mask to cover the mouth of the flute.

Health crisis or pretext?

As expected, this series of measures are only for the people. But, unfortunately, the communist elite seems immune to COVID and their own rules.

At the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on September 30, the State Council of the Communist Party of China held the “November reception” attended by 500 people, including the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, party representatives, senior government officials, military, civilians and foreign guests.

In the video of the banquet hall, you can see that none of the people present, except for the wait staff, were wearing masks.

So the obvious question arises from people: Why don’t they and we do?

Mass enclosures, forced vaccination, mandatory masks, and daily nucleic acid test. Are we talking about controlling an epidemic, or is there something else?

Scientists worldwide concluded that the use of masks has no impact on the control of COVID transmission and that they were generally ineffective in curbing contagion. A compilation of 167 studies provided by the Brownstone Institute supports this conclusion.

The same is true of the mass confinements and quarantines used in much of the world. However, most countries no longer use this model of sanitary control due to the negative social and economic impact and the poor results it had in curbing COVID spreading. This conclusion was supported from the beginning of the pandemic by a group of almost 70,000 epidemiologists, and health scientists gathered in the Great Barrington Declaration.

Jackson Lu, associate professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and other researchers conducted a study on the behavior of people using masks. The study shows that mask wearers are less likely to misbehave and are more respectful of the rules.

The CCP’s response to the pandemic with its “zero-COVID” policy contrasts sharply with its response to other epidemics, such as SARS in 2003, in which the Chinese regime tried to minimize the extent of the virus and hide the severity just as it tried to do at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

With the propagandistic rhetoric of fighting a “common enemy,” the CCP may use the COVID crisis to justify exacerbated control measures against the Chinese population. It’s all part of its goal to entrench its political power and maintain internal stability by force. The protests dismantled in Hong Kong under the pretext of health restrictions; the case of the protesters in the city of Zhengzhou who sought to recover their money from the bank and were blocked from travel because the COVID app on their cell phones changed to red, and the large-scale blockade of the Xinjiang region, which has only a few confirmed infections, are good examples of how to use the health crisis as a tool of totalitarian power.

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