A Stockholm hospital has suspended hormone treatment for children with gender dysphoria due to irreversible side effects of the treatment, Breitbart reported.

Possible irreversible side effects include cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, infertility, cancer, and thrombosis.

Karolinska Hospital announced that as of May 1, it stopped administering the hormone-blocking treatment to children trying to ‘change sex’ after several years of being dedicated to diagnosing the psychological condition known as gender dysphoria and providing therapy for these children.

In its statements to the media, the hospital indicated that there is currently no evidence that the treatment achieves the desired long-term effect, in addition to being a hazardous procedure.

Some patients complained to the hospital after receiving the hormone-blocking treatment. Accusing them of not knowing what they are doing with these procedures, and that there is “no science behind it,” and that they are “testing’ with young people who have a life ahead of them to see what happens.

The controversial Swedish hospital also came under scrutiny two years ago when it decided to remove the breasts of a 14-year-old girl diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Per-Anders Rydelius, Karolinska’s chief physician, said that if the girl feels that her breasts “torment” her, he called it “quite reasonable” if the doctors, parents, and girl agree, she should have her breasts surgically removed.

Karolinska Hospital has a long unethical history of medical procedures for young people diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Between 2013 and 2019, 134 girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 20 have had their breasts removed at the hospital. However, according to Breitbart, the data is incomplete because authorities have not been transparent in reporting the number of underage cases.

In recent years, Sweden has seen an increase in children claiming to have gender dysphoria. A report published by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare last year stated that since 2008, newly diagnosed cases of gender dysphoria among girls aged 13 to 17 had increased by 1,500%.

In the United States, states such as Arkansas passed laws to ban ‘sex change’ hormone treatment precisely because of the harmful effects on children.

Experts indicate that the gender dysphoria that usually appears in adolescence resolves as the person enters maturity and accepts his or her biological body. That is why treatment to block growth hormones is not recommended.

There is also a high suicide rate among young people who undergo “sex change” because of the confusion generated by the so-called “transition.”

In a survey of 200,000 people, data showed that 19% of adolescents had seriously considered suicide, 15% had made a plan to commit suicide, 8% had attempted suicide, and a suicide attempt had injured 2.5%.

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