President Donald Trump, during a dialogue with Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network, spoke about vaccines against the CCP Virus and promised that he would not make vaccinations mandatory.

Mentioning the issue of CCP Virus vaccines, President Trump said people should not be forced to get them. And he assured that during his term of office he will not do so. “People are very convinced about the issue and feel very strong,” the president said.

During the 45-minute interview, a number of issues were discussed, and President Trump was repeatedly pleased with how his administration had handled the CCP Virus pandemic, given the difficult situation. 

He also took advantage of the situation to raise his complaint about the treatment he received from most of the media when he contracted the virus. Above all, he emphasized that many people echoed a false story that he would only have immunity for four months. 

“I have immunity now, I hear from anywhere from four months to a lifetime.” Trump told Varney. “Sort of interesting as soon as I beat it they said no, he’s only immune for four months.”

According to the Daily Mail, President Trump showed his displeasure about it also in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night, Oct. 13. “Once I get it, they give you four months.” Trump said. “Anybody else but me, you’re immune for life.”

Some isolated cases, such as the recent one in Nevada, where a man was reportedly infected for a second time, or the case of an elderly woman in the Netherlands who died after contracting the CCP virus for a second time, have called into question the assumption of immunity that comes with contracting the virus as it was always believed.

The truth is that while there may be some cases that prove the opposite, the reality is that they are too insignificant to draw any hasty conclusions that indicate that the theory of immunity is not real. There are so few cases of people who have contracted the virus a second time that one might also think they were misdiagnosed. 

After his remarks about immunity, Varney asked the president if he was being tested daily, to which Trump responded, “I’m tested—not every day, but I’m tested a lot. Especially ‘after I got rid of it.’”

President Trump once again showed his determination that, while one must be cautious and aware of the virus, one must not fear it and must face it with strength. 

In a clear sign of criticism of his opponent Joe Biden who gave virtually no public speeches during his election campaign, he said, “Having gone through it, I’m the president of this country. I can’t sit in a basement and not see anybody for a year, I just can’t do that. I beat it and I beat it quickly.”

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