The media and many rulers, especially Democrats, have generated in society a kind of worship of face masks, encouraging and even forcing their use to allegedly prevent the spread of the CCP Virus. But a recent study determined that using used or dirty masks is even worse than not using anything, yet this is how most people use them. 

A new study published by researchers in the field of fluid physics confirmed that a good mask, in general, reduces the chances of spreading the CCP Virus. However, the study clarifies that this is only confirmed in cases where the mask is clean and has not been overused. The Blaze reported.

A dirty and or excessively used mask, causes an inevitable rate of poor filtration significantly increasing the possibility of infection.

The researchers conducted their study by creating a computer model of airflow through and around various types of protective face masks, and assessing how effective these masks were in preventing particles of various sizes from reaching areas of the body known to be receptors for the CCP Virus, such as the nose and lungs.

The study determined that wearing masks, regardless of their filtration efficiency, is effective in preventing particles of any size from reaching the lungs.

However, with respect to the nasal cavity, the findings were more complex and revealed something that experts called an “unexpected finding”: “Masks that are unduly restrictive of airflow, particularly those that may have become clogged and dirty, might actually increase the risk that COVID-19 will settle in the nasal cavity.”

Dirty or overused face masks

The results of the study should raise an alarm among politicians and health professionals. Especially from those who have promoted the extreme use of masks, even some politicians recommended it for use “inside the house.”

The Trump administration’s senior adviser on the CCP Virus, Dr. Scott Atlas, has several times expressed criticism of what he called an “obsession” with the use of masks. He further stated that laws mandating the universal use of masks do not work to suppress the spread of the virus.

Atlas was interviewed on a Fox News program in October, where he openly questioned the indiscriminate use of masks and the almost worshipful attitude some people have toward the object in question, reported Just the News.

During the program, Atlas pointed out what he called a “strange and foolish obsession at this point that everyone should have a universal mask.” 

When masks don’t work as intended

During his interview, Atlas named several places both in the United States and abroad, from Hawaii to the United Kingdom, where strong regulations have been imposed to force people to wear masks, yet none of those places have been able to stop the spread of the CCP Virus, and they have even detected significant increases in the number of cases.

President Trump has withstood much criticism, especially from the media and Democratic politicians, for not promoting strict legislation at the national level on the use of masks as is the case in other countries. However, every state has maintained the freedom to do so and many have developed some form of regulation.

Atlas defended President Trump by stating, “The President has a rational, common-sense mask policy. If you can’t distance yourself socially, wear a mask, especially when you are at high risk.” He also added that Americans are getting fed up with their use and that it is important to understand this.

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