Several hospitals began closing intensive care units set up exclusively for patients infected with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, as the number of cases in their respective areas decreased. 

So announced Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home, Arkansas, in a post on its Facebook account, saying its unit for the CCP Virus (COVID) patients was “officially CLOSED” as of March 12, cites Blaze Media on March 26. 

For supporters who responded on their page the notice was one of relief, thanks, and hope that they were no longer needed.

“We pray this holds and we can keep the virus down and move on to better times. Thank you health care workers for your dedication,” wrote Frances Talburt.

Likewise, Dave Hendricks said, “Thanks to the staff that took care of me while I was in there. I hope no one else has to use it. I got excellent care and very glad I got out as well. THANKS.”

“Dirk Albrecht, There was a mask burning in Idaho at the Capitol a while back! Montana no longer needs to wear masks! Praise our Creator! Thank you Father,” posted Marion Albrecht.

She added, “People are getting tired of this bull. Before we know it this Nation will be FREE OF THIS TERRIBLE DECEPTION. THANK YOU, PAPA!!!!.” 

In fact, there have been so many contradictory and inexplicable situations over the course of more than a year, that many people are left with the feeling of having been deceived, which is why the supposed pandemic has been called, “plandemic.” 

Likewise, many people, governments and organizations have placed all responsibility on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as the cause of all the deaths, almost 3 million people, and of the incalculable economic and social damage suffered throughout the world. 

In complicity with the CCP, the WHO, the organization that orchestrated the entire international mechanism around the disastrous impact of the CCP Virus, which has not yet ended, and which also seriously implicates the multimillionaire and controversial personage Bill Gates, is pointed out.  

“Dr. Astrid Stuckerberger from the WHO admitting that the PCR tests were unfit and probably illegal but yet they still used and abused them to find” positive cases “to carry the vaccine agenda…then Gates allowed to buy into W.H.O and has immunity,” wrote Twitter user @DIMITRIIVANOVS2, attaching a video of Stuckelberger’s incriminating statements.