Breitbart published an article, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, stating that the Pasteur Institute of Iran is experimenting with a vaccine against the Chinese virus. It is in Phase II of clinical trials using Cuban citizens in Havana in an apparent joint effort between the Cuban Communist Party and the Iranian regime.

According to the original report from Diario de Cuba, Iran’s Pasteur Institute together with an unknown Cuban company are the entities in charge of developing the vaccine.

“The second phase of the human trial is being conducted under the supervision of the Pasteur Institute of Iran in Cuba. Provided that the second phase is successful, the third phase will be implemented in Iran,” said Kianoush Jahanpour, a spokesman for Iran’s Food and Drug Administration, according to Iran’s Mehr news agency.

However, according to WHO records, Iran’s Pasteur Institute is not listed as a candidate to develop a vaccine against the CCP Virus, nor is there any mention of joint work between the two countries.

The one that does appear as a candidate to develop a vaccine is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC), a terrorist organization without any experience in medical research. Although, according to the report, the Iranian vaccine never passed the “preclinical development” phase and in March 2020 the Iranian state media stopped talking about it.

Cuba meanwhile registers two candidates to develop a vaccine with the U.N., Sovereign 1 and 2 of which none has passed phase III of clinical trials.

The announcement of the Iranian authorities in the joint work with Cuba, considering that the candidates of both countries failed to produce a safe vaccine, raised some eyebrows.

Firstly, because Iran also requested from WHO through its COVAX program (a program to distribute vaccine doses to countries in unfavorable conditions) vaccines against the CCP Virus and secondly because it expressed its desire to buy vaccines from foreign labs putting in doubt the confidence in its own vaccine.

Like the Iranian government, the Communist Party of Cuba has claimed to be a leader in the fight against the CCP Virus. Since April Cuban authorities have said that interferons, proteins sometimes involved in identifying infections, can be used to fight the CCP Virus.

However, doctors working with the organization Defenders of Cuban Prisoners warned that there is no scientific evidence that interferons can help fight coronavirus infections and that their use can “kill, rather than cure, patients.”

At first glance it would seem that this announcement is more of an attempt at positive propaganda for two totalitarian regimes that have failed on all fronts and continue to slide down the slope.

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