Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, said that the Chinese military ordered researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to experiment with viruses similar to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus or COVID-19 and some of them ended up getting infected and sick in 2019.

CCP military told  Wuhan scientists to do research on viruses in 2017 

On Wednesday, Feb. 10 during an interview on Fox News’s “Ingraham Angle” program, Ratcliffe, noted that the Chinese military asked researchers to work with viruses in 2017, some of which were 96.2% genetically similar to CCP virus and then contracted similar symptoms in the fall of 2019.

Ratcliffe spoke in relation to recent statements by the WHO that ended up ruling out the artificial origin of the virus, according to Breitbart News.

“I think what the WHO came out and said yesterday was really disingenuous. Mike Pompeo and I worked very hard to get some of our best intelligence out before we left office a few weeks ago so we could talk about what we knew about China and COVID,” Ratcliffe said.

“Now, what the World Health Organization would have you believe is after two weeks on the ground there, talking to scientists and doctors selected by the Chinese Communist Party under the supervision of the Chinese Communist Party, that none of that—of what I just related to you about our intelligence is relevant to a potential lab accident at Wuhan. It’s really just disingenuous,” Ratcliffe said.

WHO research team statement

In recent statements, the leader of the WHO team in China, Peter Embarek, said there was no evidence to support the theory of the origin of the virus. “The findings suggest that the laboratory incidence hypothesis is extremely unlikely to explain the introduction of the virus into the human population.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in this regard that “nothing” has changed his belief that the virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan, emphasizing that “there is significant evidence.”

“I will look forward to seeing their reports and analysis. But I don’t believe it’s the case that they got the access that they needed,” Pompeo said.

CCP officials conduct research for WHO report

“I hope they got to see all the data, all the science, into the lab, talk to the doctors, interview them in private, in places where they could actually tell the truth about what took place,” Pompeo said. “Not under the supervision of a Communist Party person sitting in the back of the room making sure that they tied the Communist Party line. I look forward to seeing their results. I continue to know that there was significant evidence that this may well have come from that laboratory,” the former official added.

Pompeo similarly said during the final days of the Trump administration that at the Wuhan lab, classified research, including experiments on lab animals, had been conducted on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017.

Regarding the research results on the origin of the virus in China, WHO adviser Jamie Metzl rejected the agency’s lack of transparency, noting that the mission of scientists in China was only given data and instructions by agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“Well, the investigation itself was very short. It was two weeks of quarantine and two weeks of meetings, but the actual investigation was done by Chinese authorities. And so, the W.H.O. investigators were basically receiving reports from the Chinese officials,” Metzl said.

Metzl questioned the work done by his colleagues by describing the supposed theories about the onset of the first contagion, each of which, however, conforms to the reports provided by CCP officials.

“As I see it, the big failure is that they outlined four possible ways that COVID could have begun. One was a direct bat to humans. Second, bat through an animal intermediate host. Third, through shipping or some kind of frozen food from somewhere else,” according to Metzl.

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