During an international cricket match versus Pakistan in Antigua, on Friday July 9, West Indies women’s team players Chinelle Henry and Chedean Nation collapsed to the ground and began convulsing. The two occurrences were recorded on film.

According to sources, the two cricketers are now “stable.” Their collapse occurred just days after the team was completely vaccinated.

According to social media and official reports, the team, including management personnel, received their second vaccination shot only three days before the match. “WI have been vaccinated and are prepared to confront Pakistani women! ” wrote the team on Twitter.

The first player collapsed on the pitch in the middle of the game and began convulsing while teammates urgently shouted for medical help. A stretcher was used to transport the player from the field.

Minutes later, just as the game was about to resume a second Windies player fell. The spectacular occurrences astonished the announcers. One responded, “Jack, actually we’re getting word that there’s a second West Indies player down.”

“Just got word that there’s a second player down. Not sure with what, but it seems there’s a second player who’s somehow collapsed in the West Indies team and there’s a second stretcher coming. That’s remarkable,” the pundit remarks. “I’ve never seen anything like this. What’s happening?”

“Is there something in the air? ” inquired another commentator. “I don’t know. This is unusual.”

After guesswork on social media, videos of the two players were posted stating they were alright, however some fans pointed out that the films were not current.

Both the events took occurred within a space of 10 minutes and hence the match was not interrupted. The media reported that the causes for the abrupt fall were “unknown”, but both had to be transported to hospital for emergency care. Remarkably, no reasons were offered for their abrupt collapse.

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