Dr. Stella Immanuel, who was criticized by the media as well as various mainstream medical doctors after endorsing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine treatment against the CCP Virus (COVID-19), is now demanding an apology in light of studies supporting the drug.

Immanuel said on Twitter, “I demand an apology. When we said Hydroxychloroquine works, we were ridiculed. Now studies are coming out that say it works (…) What about hundreds of thousands that have died and are still dying”

Last year Immanuel denounced that Americans were being denied a possible cure for the CCP Virus after organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the White House’s top epidemiological expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, undermined the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

Effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine

“Nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure—it is called hydroxychloroquine, I have treated over 350 patients and not had one death,” said Immanuel along with several members of the group called American Front Line Doctors.

“On top of that, I’ve put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know, on hydroxychloroquine for prevention, because by the very mechanism of action, it works early and as a prophylactic. We see patients, 10 to 15 COVID patients every day. We give them breathing treatments, we only wear a surgical mask. None of us have gotten sick. It works,” she added.

Immanuel, a graduate of the University of Calabar in Nigeria, demanded an apology from media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, and The New York Times, after censoring information she offered about the drug during a doctors’ summit in Washington and calling her a ‘Hollywood nutcase.’

“[I demand apologies] from all those people that sat there and made videos calling me crazy when I said hydroxychloroquine works and we should not allow people to die,” Immanuel said.

“I’m talking about FDA, CDC, NIH, I’m talking about all of you. My colleagues, the ones that called me names, the ones that threatened to report me to the board and all that stuff, because I said hydroxychloroquine works,” she added.

“Now you have all these studies that are saying it works. What about the 500,000 plus people who have died? Who is going to be responsible for them?” said Immanuel. She then added, “Somebody needs to get their behind sued so bad that they will not find a way out from where they’re locked up.”

Immanuel also referred to current President Joe Biden, “Even Joe Biden called me crazy,” she said. “I demand an apology from every single one of you.”

Recently, the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, offered apologies for a statement that was issued last year in which they endorsed a study that claimed hydroxychloroquine was ineffective as a drug to treat COVID-19.

Surgisphere study results in question

According to National File, the medical journal’s decision was because Surgisphere Corporation, the company that provided data, refused to provide full access to the information on which it based its study.

They argued that Surgisphere Corporation’s decision was due to the apparent violation of customer agreements and confidentiality requirements, raising doubts about the study.

“Based on this development, we can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources. Due to this unfortunate development, the authors request that the paper be retracted,” The Lancet said in a statement.

According to a new study published by Hackensack Meridian Health, a network of health care providers in New Jersey, a group of people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 may benefit from treatment with hydroxychloroquine.