On Truth For Health’s Stop The Shot live conference, attorney Thomas Renz stated that the original figure of 45,000 people who reportedly died within three days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations is far too under-counted.

According to Renz, VAERS data from whistleblowers is presently being analyzed, and it looks that the original estimate he released last month at an Awakened America event is merely a fraction of the true number of deaths.

Renz has filed a petition on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) based on a statement sworn under pain of perjury by the whistleblower.

The complaint aims to prohibit HHS from continuing to allow COVID-19 injections for emergency use, as well as to prevent the medicines from receiving full FDA clearance.

The lawsuit’s “critical aspect,” according to Renz, is informed consent.

He told LifeSite, “It’s a very, very fundamental aspect of this, … How do you give informed consent on the dangers of a medicine if those dangers are being kept secret? … Absolutely corrupt beyond words.”

Renz, who is also the lead attorney in many other high-profile lawsuits against federal agencies involving fraud and breaches of medical freedom rights, claims to have proof that the whistleblower’s claims of 45,000 fatalities are greatly underestimated.

Renz explained, “We took really the most conservative estimate we could in this because we wanted to make sure that we were being more conservative rather than less,” adding “Some of the numbers that I have evidence on are astronomically higher.”

Renz’s whistleblower is a computer programmer who works in healthcare data analytics for the government. Under penalty of perjury, she has sworn that the fatalities recorded to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) are “under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5,” (which would mean fatalities approaching 250,000) according to medical claims submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Renz said, however, that the programmer who had access to CMS data was not the only one who had come forward. This week, another whistleblower contacted Renz, alleging that the VAERS database is late on reporting.

“There are at least a hundred thousand reports that are not in VAERS that should be,” Renz added, citing the whistleblower. There’s really no reason really at all that they’re not there.”

“But here’s really the key thing that everybody’s got to ask themselves,” he continued. “Why do we have to guess? Why isn’t the government making the truth about this known? They have 11 or 12 different methods by which they collect data on this. Why isn’t this being properly analyzed and made public? Why did I have to get a whistleblower to analyze it?”

Renz said, “I’ve got some people who will fund an independent analysis,” if the government isn’t interested in examining the data.

He added, “If they don’t want to trust the whistleblower, that’s fine. Give us the raw data. I will have an independent analysis done and we’ll see what it actually says.”

The Ohio attorney said that public health authorities and the pharmaceutical firms who provide COVID-19 injections had a “huge conflict of interest,” and that public health officials are “hiding behind the cloak of government immunity.”

The emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for the injections, according to Renz, assist in insulating government organizations from liability for incorrectly reporting bad reactions and deaths.

He said, “Here’s the real shady thing. … Under existing law and existing precedent, if this were fully approved rather than just authorized under EUA, the vaccine companies would have to advertise it, under the rules for informed consent. Because it’s not approved, because it’s only authorized as an [EUA], the vaccine companies aren’t saying too much.

“Where you’re hearing ‘safe and effective’ is from government officials who have a vested interest, who are getting paid, who are getting money from their own interests in this,” Renz explained, noting that HHS owns the intellectual property rights to the Moderna shots.

“So, we’ve got the people who own these vaccines, partial owners, acting as the gatekeepers as to whether it’s safe,” he explained. “It’s absolutely corrupt beyond words. … A battle of good and evil”

Renz believes that public health authorities, pharmaceutical corporations, and members of the legacy media are all driven by various motives, but what “the different groups have in common… is that the people promoting this narrative are all getting something out of it,” according to him.

“Some people are in it for money, some are in it for power, or for both. Some hate America and want to see America weaken. I mean, remember, China is very intimately involved in this. And China absolutely hates America and hates freedom.”

“But the other side, our side, are people who are being ridiculed in the media, they’re losing their licenses. Renz stated, “They’re losing their jobs. … They’re losing their money. They’re losing everything. And so the real issue is, who do you trust? Do you trust the people who are getting attacked for asking for full disclosure of the truth? Or do you trust the people who are saying ‘you don’t need the truth, you should just trust us,’ while they’re making billions of dollars?'”

Renz stated he believes COVID-19 vaccination regulations are “illegal,” and he criticized Republican governors, lawmakers, and others for standing by as companies forced their workers to take the experimental medication or risk losing their jobs.

Renz countered, “That is absolute garbage. … If you are a conservative thought leader and you are not talking about individual rights, you have a problem. … Ultimately this goes to where we have to be and what America was always meant to be, which is self-determination and individual responsibility.”