Elderly man arrested in a Queensland park for not wearing a mask (he was exempt), he then suffers a heart attack. Are they trying to kill people with their terror?” tweet by a Twitter user

Australia police arrested and handcuffed an old man for not wearing a mask in a wide-open public park, despite being advised that the gentleman has respiratory and heart ailments, the elderly man went into spasms and was in serious medical discomfort.

The terrifying scenario unfolded at Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens, where the man—who is excused from wearing a mask due to his medical condition—was just taking a walk for exercise.

Another said, “I’ve lost faith in humanity,” “In Queensland, an elderly guy was imprisoned for not wearing a mask” (he has a mask exemption). He was strolling through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. The individual had a seizure and fell into cardiac arrest as a result of the arrest.”

The man’s partner repeatedly told the four arresting police officers about the man’s medical condition, which excused him from wearing a mask and required him to carry medicine with him at all times.

The man collapsed to the ground as he was taken away by police, and his body began to convulse. He was observed fumbling around in his bag, attempting to access the medicine.

“Do you believe me now you pr*cks?” the man’s female companion, who was taping the incident, said before assuming command and removing the medication from the man’s suitcase and delivering it to him.

Joseph Merlino, who claimed to be the old man’s son, used Instagram to highlight his father’s suffering and the threat it poses to Australian citizens:

This is exactly what the governments agenda is—corruption and control. This elderly man is my father. He was exercising in Botanical gardens, Brisbane with his partner on the 2th August at approximately 9:30am. He was stopped by 4 police and interrogated as to why he was there? and what he was doing? Why he wasn’t wearing a mask?

My father answered all these questions. He was here for exercise. He doesn’t need to wear a mask as he was exercising and he is exempt from wearing a mask. He suffers from heart problems, struggles to breathe. He carries medication with him at all times.

He did not do anything illegal. He did not retaliate in a violent manner. He was conducting himself in a peaceful manner. Not looking for trouble.

Why was he handcuffed? Why was he under arrest? What did he do wrong?

This doesn’t make sense. The government is forcing control by any means necessary. Creating fear and bullying tactics to make people not be … able to have a voice.

Merlino went on to say:

This hurt me today more then anything I’ve experience. seeing my father get arrested pushed to the ground by 4 police as he was having a seizure and having cardiac arrest. I havnt cried for many years and I balled my eyes out seeing him suffering that I couldn’t do anything or be there for him and feeling as a son to protect his father. His partner was right by his side helping my father as these police had no regard for his well-being making a joke of his seizure and not believing he had heart problems.

What would have happened if my father was by himself?  Would my father be still alive? If it wasn’t for my dads partner being there to record this. Being there for him whilst these police were not taking his condition serious?

My father could have suffered Brain damage from this. Permanent injury or death. All for what because of a mask? Which he had all the medical requirements to not wear one for his own health

People need to see this is not democracy. Police are supposed to serve and protect and there is none of that happening here! This could happen to someone else’s father, Mother, Child, Grandparent, Friend. This will not stand and I will fight for my rights and my freedom.

‘People need to see this is not democracy. Police are supposed to serve and protect and there is none of that happening here! This could happen to someone else’s father, Mother, Child, Grandparent, Friend’.

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