Hollywood actor George Clooney received a wave of criticism after accusing Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, of spreading “hate.”

Clooney’s words that sparked the comments came during an interview he held with GQ magazine before the release of a new post-apocalyptic film “Midnight Sky” on Netflix.

“We weren’t in the middle of a pandemic when [making the film], but there were still all these other elements, these elements of how much hate and anger all of us are experiencing in this moment of history, all over the world,” said Clooney who plays a scientist in the film.

“Wow, with [President Jair] Bolsonaro in Brazil, or [Prime Minister Viktor] Orban in Hungary. Look around you: a lot of anger and hate. [The film] takes place in 2049,” he said adding, “This could very well be what our reality is if that kind of hate is allowed to fester.”

Clooney’s statements, published on Nov. 17, were not well received in Hungary.

In a dialogue with HirTV, Hungarian government spokesman Tamas Menczer said that Clooney’s comments were “foolish” although “nobody should treat him like a global political oracle.”

“Let’s just say Viktor Orban doesn’t have sleepless nights because George Clooney talks nonsense about him,” Menczer added in a Facebook posting.

Executive spokesman Ors Farkas said that controversial Hungarian-American speculator George Soros was behind Clooney’s comments.

“There has been a dispute between [George] Soros and the Hungarian government over immigration for years, so [George] Soros uses every opportunity to attack the Hungarian government. It is quite frustrating that there are actors, even nonpolitical actors, who carry out such political intent for Soros,” Farkas said in a statement.

Indeed, Prime Minister Orban has called Soros “is one of the most corrupt people in the world,” condemning the efforts of the far-left financier to create a ‘European empire’ under the guise of an open global society.”

While at first Clooney denied any connection to Soros, he later admitted that he met with the globalist billionaire at a United Nations meeting.

Clooney publicly acknowledged this after a photo of him with the tycoon’s son, Alex Soros, was released in Hungary.

Regarding the photo, he indicated that he met with Alex Soros during an event in the Swiss city of Davos.

Both statements by Clooney were published by the independent Hungarian website Telex on Nov. 23.

Tamas Deutsch, founder of the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz and an elected member of the European Parliament, described Clooney as an “American imposter talking [expletive removed] about [our] homeland.”

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