An actor who had many roles as a criminal in Hollywood films questioned whether the president had what it takes to be a real mobster on Nov. 9.

Goodfellas lead actor Robert De Niro criticized Donald Trump’s ability to be a “good gangster” and does not think the president would last long if he was a real criminal.

“I have no idea why they [voters] follow him ’cause he’s not even a good gangster. He can’t even keep his word about anything,” De Niro said in a broadcast interview according to Newsweek. “I think in the real gangster world, he wouldn’t last long.”

The actor, who has made a career of pretending to be different characters, claimed Trump was not really a billionaire and even accused him of being a “fake president.”

De Niro’s outburst happened during an interview about his latest role in “The Irishman” drama as Frank Sheeran, the truck driver who became involved in one of Pennsylvania’s most notorious crime families. 

Discussing the new movie prompted MSNBC “AM Joy” host Joy Reid to compare Trump to a “gangster” but De Niro strongly disagreed and called him a “fake.”

“He calls everything else fake because he knows he is fake,” De Niro said. “He lasts long in his own little real estate world, where he’s the boss because he’s the boss and he inherited all that money and he’s a fool. In the real world, he wouldn’t last long [as a gangster]. That’s my feeling.”

The actor also lashed out at Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani for having “lost his mind.”

“I think what a shame because he had something going and he just prostituted himself to work with Trump. I mean how could he do that? I have no understanding of how,” De Niro said of the former New York City mayor in the interview. “He was the guy who used to prosecute people with the Rico Act and now he is part of a criminal family. He is the Tom Hagan.”

De Niro also gave commentary on House Democrats’ continuing impeachment inquiry.

“If we don’t go through [with] this impeachment inquiry, we’re letting him get away with something … we just gotta move forward and take our chances,” he said. “[Trump] has done something wrong. He has to pay for that.”

This is not the first time the actor raised eyebrows with his public outbursts. He repeatedly swore during the 2018 Tony Awards in New York City.

“I am going say one thing, [obscenity] Trump,” De Niro said during the broadcast. “It is no longer down with Trump, it’s [obscenity] Trump.”

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