One of the world’s highest paid movie stars openly supported killing unborn babies while expecting a baby herself on Oct 2.

Jennifer Lawrence joined a pro-abortion rally in New York City. The visibly pregnant actress shared photos of herself next to fellow rally attendee and comedian Amy Schumer.

The pair can be seen holding different signs that support a mother’s choice to terminate pregnancy.

Lawrence’s sign said, “Women cannot be free if they do not control their bodies.” Schumer’s sign stated: “Abortion is essential.”

“I do not have a uterus and she is pregnant but we out here [at the] women’s march [to support] Planned Parenthood,” Schumer added on Instagram.

Schumer had her uterus and appendix surgically removed due to endometriosis in September.

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The post drew mixed responses from social network users.

“My body my choice only when it comes to killing babies … not when it comes to ‘the other’ mandates … then it is not my body my choice anymore,” one Instagram user commented.

“Killing a human life is not essential,” another Instagram user said.

The march was part of a series of demonstrations held in different parts of America. Protesters opposed recently enacted pro-life “Heartbeat” legislation, which prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected in Texas. The rule also permits private citizens to sue doctors, and anyone who aids or abets unlawful abortions, for up to $10,000 per person.

Pro-life groups across the nation celebrated the initiative, which sets a precedent for other states. This includes Florida, where State Rep. Webster Barnaby (R) introduced an abortion bill based on the Texan example. Mirroring the Heartbeat Act, House Bill 167 prohibits aborting fetuses that are six weeks or older.

The Supreme Court recently upheld the law despite countless attempts to overturn it. The legislation still faces further legal challenges from abortion advocates who vow to do everything they can to prevent other states from enacting similar legislation.

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