A real-life drama that spans 18 years and two continents will emerge on film soon, and you can watch the worldwide premiere of the teaser video here at TheBL.com.


“Finding Courage” tells the story of a family from China who believed deeply in, and stood up for, the practice of Falun Gong even after it was banned by the Communist Party.

In 2001, two sisters were arrested for merely holding a Falun Gong banner in Tiananmen Square. Yifei Wang and Kefei Wang were detained separately, and while Yifei managed to escape custody, Kefei was killed on Dec. 20, 2001.

Today the family continues to wait to recover Kefei’s body and put her to rest, and a part of the film follows this agony, including the proof that the body is still on ice in a morgue.

But Yifei, now living in exile in California, is the main character in this family drama. Her brother Leo, who was detained for supplying paper and ink to print Falun Gong flyers, was imprisoned and eventually escaped after 13 years. He also found his way to California.

The film exposes the struggles of the family that is split between China and America, and the risks they take as the try to expose what really happens in China’s labor camps and justice system to people who want nothing more than to express their beliefs.

The film contains undercover footage from a Chinese labor camp, some of which will be aired on Fox News Monday night for the first time. View the ad for the program here.

“Finding Courage” is from Swoop Films, whose previous films include the award-winning “Hard to Believe,” about the harvesting of organs from living prisoners of conscience in China.

“Finding Courage” is in English with subtitles and runs approximately 85 minutes and is currently seeking distribution channels.

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