Celebrities have been questioned for not covering their noses and mouths at the 73rd Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, on Sept. 19.

Hollywood personalities were strongly criticized for having double standards. Social media users could not understand why entertainment greats went maskless, while their assistants had to wear them all the time.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was very dissatisfied to see the new normal seemingly favors influential people over those who serve them.

“It is the science,” he said on Twitter.

He recorded a video of one celebrity posing for photos as if she were immune to the virus. Meanwhile, assisting staff still have to wear face masks.

Greenwald showed a photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and her boyfriend without wearing face masks. Their servants still have to wear masks.

“I really wonder how long people are going to be told that they will lose all sorts of privileges, if they and their kids do not submit to all sorts of health mandates and restrictions, while seeing that the ‘science’ rules do not apply to everyone,” he said on Twitter.

Boxcar CEO Joe Colangelo shared a video of the Emmys awards ceremony. Many attendees can be seen around tables without masks, talking to each other and even hugging. Meanwhile, his children have to eat in a school auditorium with food on their laps. They are quickly scolded for speaking with friends.

Fellow parent Bryan Passink expressed outrage about his fully vaccinated children having to wear face masks all day at school.

“What a ridiculous world we are living in!” he said on Twitter.

Another user wondered whether systematically studying the world through observation and experiment was enough grounds for celebrities to ignore face mask regulations.

Miss Jo questions why only the “help” wears masks.

“First it was the Met Gala and now this,” she said on Twitter. “[It] seems that COVID-19 gives you a pass, if you are wearing black tie or a designer frock–or maybe it is just one rule for one group … and one for another.”

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