New Mexico authorities did not rule out criminal charges for what is claimed to be an accidental shooting at the “Rust” movie production on Oct. 26.

Santa Fe County district attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies suggested actor Alec Baldwin, assistant director Dave Halls, and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reedhad could be charged for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’s death.

“Everything at this point, including criminal charges, is on the table,” Carmack-Altwies said according to Fox News.

A search warrant affidavit claims Gutierrez-Reedhad placed the loaded weapon on the cart outside a church. Halls collected it and wrongly told Baldwin the revolver was a “cold gun” before handing it over.

Baldwin rehearsed his scene, pointing the revolver towards the camera lens and firing live ammunition. The projectile fatally struck Hutchins in the chest and injured director Joel Souza’s shoulder.

The district attorney confirmed she is trying to determine which kind of bullet was loaded into the gun.

“There were an enormous amount of bullets on this set, and we need to find out what kinds they were,” she said according to the New York Times.

Detectives have already examined three revolvers and spent casings. They also viewed different ammunition in boxes, a fanny pack and loose form.

Carmack-Altwies revealed the term “prop-gun” can give a false impression that it was not a real gun.

“It was a legit gun, it was an antique-era appropriate gun,” she said according to the paper.

Investigations are expected to take several weeks, if not months to complete. One “unconfirmed” theory is film crew members could have used live ammunition for target practice before the fatal shooting occurred.

Attorney Gloria Allred has been appointed to represent script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, who first reported the shooting to the 911 emergency telephone number.

“We have complex cases all [of] the time,” Carmack-Altwies said according to Fox News. “But [not] this kind of complex case, with these kinds of prominent people.”

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