A talk show personality revealed in a prerecorded interview he no longer felt pride in the United States on Nov. 19.

CBS Late Show Host Stephen Colbert recently admitted in a national broadcast that he did not feel proud of his country. He made the remark during an interview for a segment on his recent visit to New Zealand.

While cycling through the capitol of Wellington Colbert asked the two Kiwis (nickname for New Zealander) whether they feel proud of their country. The male interviewee agreed and said “love that love that” while the female interviewee said her country was “beautiful.” However, the host was much less optimistic about the United States. 

“I miss that feeling,” Colbert can be heard saying on the video clip posted to Twitter.

He made no secret about his desire to leave the United States and become a New Zealander at the very beginning of his interview with left-leaning Labor Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“My first question is, and this might seem sudden, can I be a citizen?” Colbert can be heard saying on the video posted to YouTube. “I have only been here for about four hours and I am already having separation anxiety, knowing that I have to leave here in a week.”

Ardern can be seen laughing and commenting how the host wasted no time in asking “straight off the bat.”

“That is exactly how we like to make people feel,” the prime minister said.

When Colbert’s request for citizenship failed he then offered his services as a qualified marriage officiant to wed Ardern and her fiancé, Clarke Gayford.

“You recently got engaged to your partner Clarke, mazel tov (Hebrew for congratulations), when is the wedding? You don’t know,” the host said. “Do you need an officiant because I can legally marry people, I have married people before in the United States.”

Ardern appeared to be impressed but Gayford was not so thrilled about the idea and struggled to find the most diplomatic response.

“Uh I mean sure, let’s let’s let’s talk,” the fiancé can be heard saying.

After this approach fails, Colbert began touting his skills as a political campaign marketer and showed Ardern a political bumper sticker he had designed for her to use at the 2020 general election in New Zealand.

“I have some campaigns that I think are going to work for you,” the host said. “My favorite, Ardern 2020: New Zealand, same prime minister. This is a winner right? Come on.”

The prime minister did not respond and could only be seen laughing and covering her mouth.

A number of Kiwis have questioned the Ardern government for contributing $67,000 of taxpayer funds to make the show. However, Tourism New Zealand defended the expense because the publicity would encourage more U.S. citizens to visit the South Pacific country.

“The investment versus the return is significant and we were over the moon to get the support of so many Kiwis like the prime minister and some other famous faces to help make it pretty special,” Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall said according to Breitbart.

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