The Netherlands (the Dutch)

The Dutch capital city, Amsterdam, is home to 30% foreigners; and is known to be one of the strongest expat communities worldwide. A big part of their history involves welcoming foreigners to the country. Now the Dutch are famous for how tolerant they are.

Dutch women are very independent, and like Dutch men, they’re probably taller than you.( Adobe Stock / Bernardbodo)
There are charming and unique old town centres, often with canals and houses from the 17th-18th centuries.(Adobe Stock / Andreykr)
Blended with pristine nature, the Dutch inhabits the land of the fairy tales.( Adobe Stock / TTstudio)

The Dutch also have some weird traditions. On April 27th, the king walks around in some town, waving at all the people who in turn do all sorts of dances and tricks in front of him to make him happy. Then in November, the same thing happens, but this time the Sinterklaas replaces the king, which supposedly is an old bearded guy who comes from Spain on a boat. Yeah… told you it’d be weird but don’t tell them that or they’ll lock you up.

the Sinterklaas is a legendary figure based on Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus).(Wikipedia)

Papua New Guinea

By Peter Hermes Furian on Adobe Stock

One of the few places left in the world where adjectives such as “wild,” “remote,” and “pristine” genuinely apply.

Despite having only 7 million people, Papua New Guinea belongs to over 7000 different cultural groups. Each group has their own language, and cultures revolving around dance, music, body paint, costume, and weapons.

One of the most famous tribe in PNG is the Huli. The Huli are fearless warriors known for their ornate headdresses and sacred Ambua clay paint on their faces and bodies. One of the peculiarities of Huli tradition is that they all believe themselves to be one person– the descendant of an ancestor named Huli ,who was the first to cultivate their ancestral land.

Huli men puts cassowary quills through their noses, a hornbill beak on their backs, snakeskin across their foreheads, shells around their necks, and a belt of pigtails to seduce Huli women.(Adobe Stock / BernardBreton)


A country with second to none banter and scenery.

The Scottish have a wry sense of humor, and are a very outgoing and welcoming people. Plus, they have an accent that makes everything sound interesting!

Also home to the Scottish Fold cat.(Adobe Stock / Serkucher)

Contrary to the backwater label, the Scottish are actually responsible for about 90% of all modern inventions. These range from the Aircraft design (1910) by Frank Barnwell to Alexander Bell’s Telephone and to agent Bond, James Bond by Ian Fleming of Scottish descent.

Bell Centennial single-pole telephone transmitter 1876.(Wikimedia)
It was Sean Connery whom inspired Ian’s creation of the first of many James Bond.(Wikipedia)

Scotland is also home to the ‘blackening the bride’ wedding ritual.

The bride and the groom are ambushed by friends and covered in all sorts of foul substances such as sauces, molasses, spoiled curry, smelly fish, syrups, spoiled milk, etc. and then they are feathered. The bride and groom are then led through local streets as their friends clang on pots to announce the wedding.


If you love adventure, personal liberty, color and fun in the sunshine, then Brazil is perfect for you. It’s a lifelong adventure with people and strangers alike who laughs, hugs and dance with you in the streets while their houses are sinking under floods, their money stolen by corrupt politicians.

By mangostock
Pure beauty of Rio De Janeiro’s sunset by Ipanema beach. By Microgen

Then there are the seemingly unending festivals all year round.


As the largest one, Carnival is known for a week of non-stop partying. But there are even many different themed parties called ‘blocos’ in weeks leading up to the real thing. When it does come, there are enormous parades of samba in flamboyant costumes and speed dancing all throughout the country.

Olinda Carnival – Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil ( Wikimedia )

Southern Brazil and many South American countries are the place of the galloping Gaúchos.

the cowboys of South America . By cpdprints

Bound to nothing else save for their horses and the call of the wild, the Gauchos are famously brave, unruly, and renowned in many legends and folklore. The Gaúchos and their long history are one of the most romanticized cultures in the world.

This is the story of Gaucho Gil, Argentina’s Legendary Cowboy

By Robert Plotz

Late 1800s, Argentina was in the middle of multiple wars and any men were forcibly recruited to fight for the nation, one such man was Gauchito Gil.

He was a national hero turned outlaw. People loves and respected Gil greatly and even saw him as a magical and mystical figure.

One day, Gil was captured by the authorities who planned on bringing him to town for a trial. But during the journey to the town, an impatient guard proceeded to hang Gil from a tree from his leg and then tortured the Gauchito, wanting to kill him right then. Facing imminent death, Gil asked the guard to wait for a letter of pardon that was on the way to the guard, Gil added that the letter also cried news of a terminal illness that had struck the guard’s son. He then said that the only way the guard’s son would survive was if the guard invoked Gil’s name and asked him to heal the child.

But in disbelief, the guard savagely slit Gil’s throat and killed him.

After the Gauchito died, a police officer came with the letter pardoning Gauchito Gil. The letter also described the son’s dire illness.

The guard panicked and, despite still having Gil’s blood on his hand, prayed to the outlaw anyway to save his son. The next day his son returned to good health. In an act of redemption, the guard arranged for a proper burial for the merciful cowboy and painted the cross above the grave red so all would know the story.

The story marked the start of an annual tradition, on January 8th -the day of the cowboy’s death, with over 200,000 pilgrims visiting his burial ground in Mercedes. Festivals and celebrations would take place, making the anniversary a lively occasion, just as the cowboy saint would have wanted it.

By Gray L.


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