In her works, Heide E. Presse religiously paints women and children in flower-filled landscapes, emotively portraying the optimism, and peace in everyday life. Through her colorful realist paintings, she conjures a heightened sense of joy.

She especially focuses on the lives of women in the 19th century, and devotedly endeavors to portray them as accurately as possible.

People often wonder how Heide manages to create such beautiful and realistic beams of sunlight like this. Viewers are easily lost in a peaceful and pleasant fairyland, like a sweet dream, and forget the hustle and bustle of ordinary life… to travel along the shimmering beams of light.

A girl sits and reads a book peacefully as gentle light streams to light her page. The scene reminds us of a simpler time removed from the chaos of today’s technological world.

Heide E. Presse was born in 1958 in Heidelberg, Germany but grew up in Louisiana, USA. Born with an innate artistic talent into a family with no artistic inclination, she did not gain any formal artistic training until university. In order to pursue her passion, Presse earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1980. She then worked as a commercial artist in Texas, before deciding in 1990 to focus solely on her own painting style.

Her works have since been recognized internationally and have been exhibited in many national exhibitions, including the exhibition of the American Painting Association.

One of Presse’s favorite occupations is collecting historical clothing and accessories, she especially loves the fashion of the late Victorian, early Edwardian period. Presse has dozens of pretty clothes from 1890-1916 stored in her studio. Along with the clothes, Heide also has a large collection of antiques that she uses as props in her paintings i.e. jars, bowls, and vases.

When observing this painting, you are instantly absorbed into the space. You can almost feel the scent of the wildflowers wafting through the air and are moved by the beauty of the girl’s golden hair gleamed in the sunlight that fills the room. All contribute to creating a serene and peaceful afternoon scene.

The sun is golden like honey and has been poured down onto the church gate. Its intricate detail dwarfs the small frame of the women respectfully entering its dark open door. The painting is both calm and peaceful, and unsettlingly ominous but either way, it is majestic.

A young girl leaning on the stairs with her hand holding the tail of her braided auburn hair lost in a peaceful daydream. We too are sucked into the daydream and are left wondering what secret she is pondering.

Barefoot girls watering flowers in the garden, dressed in their summer hats and garden smocks, walking the length of their very own white picket fence. The epitome of the 19th century American Dream.

Mother and child preparing a meal together, sat amongst the simple beauty of natural wild daisies. The beauty of a “slow life” and the people who live those lives, relaxed in their dutiful tasks and pleasant silence.

The excellence of this painting sings from every inch of water, and ripple, from every fold of cloth and shard of light. Presse has perfectly captured this simple moment with mesmerizing proficiency. We are transported to a simpler time.

In her work, Presse often depicts women and children amid flowery landscapes or engaged in tasks amongst blooming flora. Alongside the constant theme of flowers, her paintings also ceaselessly evoking a joyous, optimistic, and peaceful atmosphere. Despite these constants, the subjects and contexts of her paintings are diverse.

She has a proclivity for researching and then producing the most historically accurate 19th-century manner to her subjects as possible. And is forever exploring and learning better ways to produce the most genuine depictions possible.

Looking at Presse’s paintings, it is easy to catch the tender, gentle touch of 19th-century Western women in the field, in the home, and in nature.

This everyday scene depicts barely a task but a moment, familiar to us all. Home life, the work of a mother, and the curiosity of a child. These are all natural strokes of everyday life so perfectly captured by Presse.

Another lavender field sat at the foot of a gothic mansion house. Two girls walk its paths and harvest its bounty. The peaceful blue sky holds the scene and the vivid colors of the field transport us to the spot.

The young woman here is lost in understandable contemplation, whilst gazing out at the vast open landscape of the fields, and mountains, under the big sky of the American South. Dazzling but also sweet and gentle like honey.

Sisters hanging laundry together in the fresh open air. The sweet girls are looking into the breeze longing of its refreshing touch to come, whilst once again bathing in the low afternoon sunlight. A small doll is found on the ground in the corner of the image… it is in the smallest of details that the female artist’s paints her delicacy.

Lavender fields and lavender picking. The fragrant lavender, blowing on the summer breeze.

Girls playing under ancient and protective trees create an idyllic European scene of purity and innocence. All the while, whilst being relentlessly drenched in the light of summer.

Pink garden roses form the gentle backdrop of this peaceful afternoon scene. The natural simplicity of the scene makes us want to also stop and observe the delicacy of the garden growing.


2. All images are taken from Pinterest.