In life, everyone could be excused for, on occasion, losing their temper and raising their voice. We all may be familiar with the experience of getting angry with others or at least have witnessed two people getting angry with each other. Especially with total strangers, anger can quickly lead to shouting. Perhaps there is a deep reason for this, deeper than you may have considered before.

One day, during class, a teacher asked his students one simple question, “Have you ever felt angry with others or witnessed two people getting angry with each other?”

The students rolled their eyes and answered unanimously, “Yes, of course.”

The teacher expanded on his point and responded to their answer with another question, “so do you know why people, when angry, always raise their voice?”

The students started an animated discussion,  then one of them stood up and said, “Teacher, because when people are angry they lose their temper, so they inevitably start to shout.”

The teacher was not yet satisfied that his point was made so asked next, “But the man who sits next to us, even when angry, can hear us clearly when we speak with a hushed voice. So what is the true need for shouting?”

The whole class was stunned and began feverously conferring with each other, trying to come up with the answer. However, none of them could satisfy their teacher.

Finally, the teacher explained, “When two people are angry, the distance between their two hearts is great. To make their words pass through the gap loud enough for the other to hear, they must shout loudly. If both were to shout simultaneously, the angrier they would become, the larger the gap would grow and the louder they must shout to be heard. The greater and greater the distance, the louder and louder they feel they must shout.”

After stopping for a moment to let the idea settle, the teacher then continued, “however when two people are in love with each other the situation is the opposite. Rather than shouting loudly, they prefer speaking to each other softly, why?”

The students gazed around at each other in near silence, awaiting their teacher’s answer.

Finally, he concluded, “Because their hearts are very close together, there is almost no gap between them. So between two loved ones a whisper is often enough. When their love grows deeper still in their hearts, instead of verbal language, they can even use their eyes to convey their message.”

Sometimes, despite being physically close, people’s hearts are separated by a vast distance. This makes them feel that they need to increase the volume of their voice so that from afar the others heart can receive their message.

In daily life, when getting angry, endeavor to calm yourself down, to restrain your anger and avoid speaking in negativity, because negative words wound and extend the gap between your hearts.