During the Three Kingdoms Period (25 AD-220 AD) in China, Wang used to be the Prince’s mentor and an excellent father figure to his children. These are some of the wise teachings he passed down to them and to other young scholars:

  •  Help those in need, respect your elders, be honest with your friends, and do not contribute to the spreading of gossip.
  •  Do not be arrogant or greedy, and don’t indulge in pleasures after success. Don’t suffer from low-esteem when things don’t go well.
  •  Patience and modesty are important. Some plants grow quickly but do not live for long. On the contrary, pines and cedar trees grow slowly, but they live for hundreds of years.
  •  When faced with critiques, look within yourself and examine your behavior. If you make mistakes, accept criticism, and correct them. If you didn’t do anything wrong, there’s nothing to lose. In any case, there is no need to complain or feel bad about it.

Thanks to Wang’s teachings and wisdom, his children and many of his descendants made great contributions to our society.

Although these teachings are thousands of years old, they can still be applied today. Some might think that they are “old-fashioned,” but that might be because upholding morality has been more difficult in the last few years.

May 2019 be the year we return to traditional values, and ultimately, we rediscover ourselves and what is really important in life.

Source: BLes

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