Recently, an enigmatic flower has been spotted in different parts of the world, awakening everyone’s curiosity on what wonders it might be prophesizing. The flower that has been enchanting the world is the mystical Udumbara flower.

These delicate white flowers are as small as 3 millimeters and can bloom on any surface such as steel, wood or concrete. The fragrant flowers are extremely resilient, as they do not need water or soil, and never wilt.

In the last few years, sightings of the Udumbaras have been reported all over the world. According to the Buddhist scriptures, the Udumbara is a sacred flower that comes from the Buddha’s realms and flourishes every 3,000 years. Its name derives from Sanskrit, and it means ‘auspicious flower of the sky.’

In the eighth volume of the Buddhist scripture ‘Hulin Phonetics and interpretations,’ it’s stated that:

“The flower of Udumbara is the product of an auspicious and supernatural phenomenon. If an enlightened being or the King of the Golden Wheel appears in the human world, this flower will appear thanks to His great virtue and blessings.”

It is said that this king will accept people from any culture and religion and save them with his great mercy.

Have you ever seen this mystical flower? Surely, its blooming will be an auspicious omen of hopeful things to come.

Source: Bles

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