Trumpography – How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency” by Gene Ho is a best seller and a very censored book on the Internet.

Who is Gene Ho, this Asian who writes a book on President Trump?  Gene Ho was born in Brooklyn, of Chinese heritage, Chinese being his first language. He now resides in South Carolina with his wife and children. He has made a name for himself as a professional photographer and has photographed top American celebrities in politics, sports and arts.

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Before he became the official photographer of the now President, his face was not well-known, but now, four years later,  this long-haired Asian photographer and his book are reaping a lot of attention. 

According to Gene Ho, was hired as the official Personal Campaign Photographer to President  Trump during his 2016 Presidential Campaign. He joined three months before the launching of the campaign and remained until the end.

Trumpography, being too positive about Donald Trump was censored in many ways. During his interview on the Huckabee show, Gene Ho explained how his book signings were canceled, taped shows were not aired, and 5-star reviews removed from Internet sites.

He proclaimed he loves Donald Trump, considering him to be the kindest person, through observations of him behind the scenes during the entire 2016 presidential campaign.

Trumpography was going to be a picture book with stories, however, what Gene Ho had read in the Bible, “things matched up to him.”  Thus the title: How Biblical Principles Paved the way to the American presidency.