“The Wish” –  a new film from the New Century Film Company has recently been screened at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival (MIFF) in Florida. The judges and audience were very impressed with the positive messages the film was conveying. 

In this 9-minute movie, a young man breaks into the house of a young blind girl and steals all of the money that was left to her by her mother to pay for her eye treatment. The young man says to her that he had no choice because his father was seriously ill and so he needed the money for his treatment. Upon hearing this, the girl lets him go and gives him a copy of Zhuan Falun, a book left to her by her mother.

The girl forgives him and gives him the book. Credit: Screenshot from Youtube

Five years later, the girl finally undergoes the vital surgery to repair her sight. She is overwhelmed with happiness when she wakes up to find that her eyesight is restored. Shortly after she wakes up though, the doctor tells her that a gentleman sent her and the hospital letters and the entire cost of her operation had been paid for by him. She takes the letter from the doctor and begins to read its emotional message.

“Little sister,

When you are able to read this letter, I have the same overwhelming excitement as you. I am your “brother” who stole your eye treatment money before.

At that time, my father was seriously ill in the hospital and needed money urgently. My actions reflect the desperation I was in. I’ve always deeply regretted what I did.

The book Zhuan Falun left by your mom made me realize what being a good person meant. I vowed to make enough money to treat your eyes and atone for my mistake. Thereafter, I started working furiously day and night. Then I founded my own company. At last, I gathered enough funds for your treatment.

Little sister, when you regain your eyesight, I’m going to give this book to my friend and family, my colleagues, and even more people. They all deserve a chance at a bright future.”

The girl was very touched when reading the letter. Credit: Screenshot from Youtube

Terry Cronin, the founder, and critic at MIFF praised the movie, “You have a strong message, that is, you want people to be better people. It’s like a reward so everyone likes it.”

Terry Cronin, the founder of MIFF (on the left), told the lead actor of the film, Jiang Guangyu (in the middle) that he liked the film. Credit: Minghui

The Filmmaker Andy Sipes, who has received numerous movie awards, shared what he has learned from making the movie, “Whatever you do in life, you have the opportunity to make up for it. Therefore, never lose hope.”

Learn more about the book Zhuan Falun here.

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