This series aims to delve into a deeper understanding of the nature of existence. Some will have a hard time accepting what is written here, for some, it will be downright unacceptable. The series incorporates 2 aspects toward its aim: the faculty of human reasoning; and modern science.

The double slit experiment that gave rise to the field of quantum physics tells us that a particle, such as a molecule, atom, electron, etc., is not a particle at all. The particle is only a particle when it is observed, meaning -when our human consciousness engages with the relative spacetime that parameterizes the particle.

When the experiment is Observed the particle behaves exactly as we would expect it to -as a particle. Credit: Wikipedia

If the particle is not observed, that particle takes on the function of a wave.

When the experiment is Unobserved, the ‘particle’ takes the form of a wave. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

It functions as a waveform. As a waveform its position is inherently Uncertain. The indefinable ‘it’ can be anywhere in the waveform, or it can be nowhere at all. When it is unobserved, its Uncertainty exists as a probability to be Certain (when observed).

This is as bizarre as it sounds. More so when one considers the implication of this phenomenon, yet ‘phenomenon’ refers to a situation within reality, it is more apt to understand it as the nature of reality. The first and more profound implication is that our human consciousness itself is what Confirms/Validates Reality to make it a Certainty. Unfortunately, to fathom this statement will require even more excessive capitalizations.

Some simple examples of the participation of the human consciousness in the construct of reality:

  • You are going to the garage to get the car out for a drive, as the garage door rolls up, the car comes into existence because you are using the function of human Desire as a part of human consciousness to enable it into Certainty.
  • The Schrödinger cat experiment: You put a cat in a box with a poison emitter that has a 50% chance of emitting the poison which kills the cat. You close the box with the poison and cat inside it. Is the cat dead or alive? The only answer is that the cat is both dead and alive, conversely, the cat neither dead nor alive. Unless we open the box to discover a dead cat or an alive cat, there exists only the 50% probability of either scenarios. This is to say it is our human consciousness and its ability of Observation that Determines whether the cat is dead or alive.
  • With advanced technology you pause time to chill with your sister and grandpa. All changes within a certain space around you freezes. As opposed to being a part of a timeline which exists in conjunctions with other timelines, by pausing your time, you exists in no timelines at all. When you un-pause time, the timeline you, your sister and grandpa exists in is different to the timeline of everybody else. This means that if you do not synchronize your time to the time of the normal timeline, your existence is at risk of becoming Uncertain. And because the nature of Uncertainty is Unstable. Your existence becomes at risk of non-existence, you may vanish into Nothingness. This last example describes episode 1, season 2 of TV series, ‘Rick and Morty’.

The first part of this series aim to tackle one of the most fundamental issue about reality.

Why does there exist something instead not nothing?

If we consider the entire universe as an existing system. It must somehow, in its Existence stay true to Non-Existence, meaning a balance must, by necessity, mediate the two polarities. This is the only requirement for a true, sustainable system.

What exists has the probability to not exist; and what does not exists has the probability to exist. They are two sides of the same thing mediated by consciousness, by a ‘freewill’ that chooses to exist.

This is the source of all time-spaces, the source of Everything. Because at the root of it, Everything exists as a probability to be Nothing, and Nothing exists as an infinite expression that could be Anything.  

We naturally, by nature of the cosmos possess the innate ability to pull into Existence whatever it is that we want, to become part of Its great unfolding.

Is there anything more incredible than this?

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