About 33 years ago, the wife of a businessman in Washington carelessly dropped a leather bag in a hospital on a cold winter evening. The bag, unfortunately, carried not only  $100,000 inside but also very confidential market data …

The businessman hastily rushed to the hospital in the hope of tracing the bag. Arriving at the quiet, cold corridor of the hospital, he saw only a skinny girl who sat close to the wall, trembling with cold. What the little girl was holding tightly in her lap was the leather bag his wife had lost.

It turned out that this girl named Siada went to the hospital to look after her sick mother. The poor mother and daughter only had each other to lean on to survive. Her sickness even worsened their plight, which forced them to sell all the furniture in their house. Yet, it still hardly covered the cost of medical treatment for a single day. 

Now, with no money left how could they carry on. 

That night, Siada was anxiously pacing up and down in the hospital corridor, praying to God for his blessings to her sick mother. She hoped that God might send a kindhearted person to the rescue of her mother. Suddenly, a woman walked downstairs  through the corridor, unknowingly dropping the leather bag under her arm. 

At that time Siada was the only person in the corridor. She ran to pick up the bag and rushed out the door to chase after the woman who then was seen quickly getting into a car and to leave.

Siada returned to her mother’s room. They opened the bag, and to their astonishment saw a huge amount of money, the likes they had never seen before. Both Siada and her mother were fully aware that this money would cover the cost of the treatment for her mother’s disease. But without hesitation, her mother told Siada to return to the corridor with the bag and wait for that woman to come back. The mother said: “The person who lost the money must be very worried. For the whole of human life, the most rewarding thing is to help others and share other people’s worries. It is unacceptable for anyone to ignore virtue out of a greed for money.” 

The businessman, after receiving the bag from Siada, was extremely grateful. As they not only helped him get back $100,000, but more importantly, regain the confidential market data. In return, with his riches and connections, he did his best to help the mother but she still could not make it through, consequently, leaving her daughter alone forever. 

As for the businessman, he managed to seize a very good opportunity and his business thrived and then quickly became a millionaire. 

Later, he adopted Siada. After finishing college, she returned to help her foster father manage his business. The business was so successful that it helped him to become a billionaire. Having trained in a strict environment of business for a long time and learning a lot from her adoptive father, Siada became a promising business talent. As her foster father was getting older, he consulted with Siada on almost all major business decisions.

When the billionaire was on his deathbed, he left a will that surprised all:

“By the time I met Siada and her mother, I was the one who had a lot of money. But the moment I stood in front of the poor, sick mother and her daughter, who returned a huge amount of money after picking it up, I found out that they were the richest people in this world, because they had kept the highest of human standards. This is what businessmen like me were mostly lacking. My money seemingly has been gained from cheating and competing with others. They helped me realize that the greatest treasure in life is virtue.

I adopted Siada not out of gratitude, nor sympathy of her condition, rather out of respect for a virtuous human being. Having her around to help with the business, every minute I was reminded of what is right and wrong. It set the foundation for my flourishing career and becoming a billionaire.

After I died, I would leave my entire billion-dollar fortune to Siada. This is not a gift, but to ensure that my business would continue to prosper.

I fully believe, my smart son will understand his father’s will.” 

When the billionaire’s son returned from overseas, he carefully read all his father’s will, and without hesitation, signed the inheritance agreement. He wrote: “I totally agree that Siada will inherit all my father’s property. I just want to ask Siada to be my wife.”

Siada read the words of the billionaire’s son, contemplating for a moment and then wrote: “I’m happy to receive all my foster father’s possessions – including his son.”

Source: Vision Times

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