Two very similar temples were built in the first millennium but are more than 10,000 miles apart. Is that simply a coincidence?

Baksei Champkrong is a small pyramid-shaped temple located near the city of Angkor in Cambodia. Some believe that its architecture is similar to the Mayan temple of the Great Jaguar in Guatemala, central America.

The two temples are unusually steep and each one has a staircase in the center that leads up to a chamber at the top, where there is a small door.

The similarities have aroused suspicions that the cultures might have been in contact at some point and imitated the model.

It is known that thousands of years ago there were several migration waves between Asia and America, but the two pyramids are more than 14,000 kilometers (8,699 miles) apart, which could be deemed as insurmountable distances at that time without the presence of modern technology.

There are many pyramids scattered around the world that are similar to each other, and their purpose of existence is still unclear.

Some assume that they correspond to civilizations prior to ours, also called prehistoric cultures.

Others suppose that they were built with the guidance of extraterrestrial beings who once used them as units of energy before being transformed into temples by humankind.

The pyramids in the world have always been mysterious to humanity both because of their origins, purpose and their extraordinary architecture.

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