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In Western history, there was a record of a talented scientist in the 18th century who could go to Heaven and Hell, and his tales helped people of that time gain more faith in the existence of God.

In the history of ancient China, Emperors were said to send people to look for elixir of life which could grant them eternal life. So is there really immortality in this world? In his “Heaven and Hell” work, Emanuel Swedenborg personally found the answer.

The book was written in Latin when Emanuel Swedenborg was 70 and was published in 1758. Emanuel Swedenborg’s supernatural ability was uncovered at age 57 when he saw a strange phenomenon at his favorite restaurant during his travel in London. When he returned to the hotel to rest, he once again witnessed this strange incident and also received hints from God.<

He, then, dedicated 27 years of the rest of his life to recording and leaving to humanity what he saw and heard in the world of Heaven and Hell. God allowed Emanuel Swedenborg to use his own writings to record the stories he had experienced in order to awaken people at the time their morality was increasingly corrupt.

Why did God choose a scientist comparable to Isaac Newton to accomplish this mission? It is because he was a highly regarded person in society, a virtuous, influential and reliable man.

Portrait of Emanuel Swedenborg/ National Portrait Gallery, Sweden. (Public Domain)

“Heaven and Hell” was written 13 years after he acquired his supernatural power. The original work has about 400 pages, featuring his unique style. First, the title is very long and terrifying.

This book is divided into three parts, consisting of 63 chapters, divided into 563 sections. The first part is about Heaven, the second part is about spiritual space, the third part is about Hell. This is his most famous, most sought-after work among the works of supernatural phenomena.

Other experts’ works are all about the stories they collected and the final conclusion was almost left open to readers. However, Emanuel Swedenborg’s work is different because the stories describe his own experiences. Writings of such a great European scientist at the time would certainly speak volumes.

This book was first published in London. Given the huge impact, it would bring to society at that time, the publisher decided to hide the author’s name. It showed that European society of more than 250 years ago began to forget the true existence of the God and about the miracles that the Gods would bring along with their appearance.

Angels in Heaven. (CC0)

In the Heavenly place, the longer you live, the more beautiful you will become

We often hear that the longer you live, the younger you are, but this sentence can only help your partner be happier. How can it be possible? The experience of Emanuel Swedenborg proved, “In the Heaven, the longer you live, the younger you will be.”

In the 42nd chapter of “Heaven and Hell,” paragraph 414 describes the following:

People in Heaven constantly return to youth through thousands of years, the more they live, the younger they are, and this process continues. Their sense of happiness will continue to increase along with growing kindness and faith.

There was an old woman who lived a very long life, before dying of old age. When she was alive, she had a strong belief in God, got along well with the neighbors, and lived a very happy life with her husband, finally, she was accepted to Heaven. The longer she lives in Heaven, the younger she becomes, the longer she lives, the more her unimaginable innate beauty was manifested.

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Today no matter what a person dies of he or she is said to go to Heaven. But the book “Heaven and Hell” reveals that those beings in Heaven share some common traits that is a heart for others, kindness, honesty, loyalty to your spouse, to name a few, and most importantly, a solid belief in Gods. And a person who truly believes in God will never think that the bad deeds they commit can escape the observation of Gods. Thus, it can be said that there are specific requirements for anyone wishing to be accepted into Heaven.

The works of Emanuel Swedenborg describe eternal life and the process of being restored to a very pure and beautiful youth. It is the result of numerous visits to Heaven by the scientist.

In Part 2, we will delve into some specific cases described in the book.

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