The plum blossom is elegant, pure, and fascinating. Its pleasant and sweet fragrance reaches far-away areas, pervading all spaces with its fragrant scent. Even when confronted with storms or intense snowfalls, its inspiring persistence motivates people to move forward and renews their hope after a long and harsh winter.

When the plum tree blooms during the cold and frozen winter, Chinese people are invaded by a feeling of happiness and are overcome great emotion, as it indicates that spring will arrive very soon.

Some of the most virtuous celebrities and personalities of ancient Chinese society were compared, because of the similar characteristics they shared, to the plum tree blossom.

Some examples of these esteemed personalities are Tao Yuanming, a prodigious Chinese writer who persisted in his dignity and did not fall into the temptations brought on by fame and personal interest. Liu Yuxi, a philosopher and poet who forged a great character and spirit despite residing in a humble and cold room. Another case that could be mentioned is the one of Lu You, a government official who was demoted several times, but still maintained his loyalty to the nation at all times.

Practitioners of the Falun Dafa spiritual discipline are now also compared to the plum tree because they remain firm and unwavering in their faith, despite the great adversities they experience in China. There, this belief based on truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance is prohibited by the country’s communist regime.

Falun Dafa practitioners. (Photo: Minghui)

What about you? Do you also aspire to have the strength of a plum blossom?

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