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This is a story of Mika Hale, an American singer whose soaring voice has touched thousands of people’s hearts, most of all at the historic boxing match between Mike Tyson and Holyfield.

Mika Hale (far right) when she was a little girl. (Photo: Mika Hale)

The life of Mika Hale did not begin with her biological parents, but rather a kind woman who was the best mother she could ever have. Mrs. Hale was a widower and the mother of three children, living in New York, USA.

To make a living, Mrs. Hale provided childcare services for a few children in her neighborhood, turning her own home into a small nursery.

Her strong attachment to the children eventually led her to the decision of adopting unrecognized children, babies abandoned at birth and children with disabilities. Out of the kindness of her heart, she took them into her home… and Mika is one of these.

Little Mika was living happily with mother Hale and all her adoptive siblings. One day when Mika was 2 years old, mother Hale gave her a big hug and whispered, “Mika, you need to meet someone who will be very important in your life.”

Mother Hale took her downstairs to meet a woman – a volunteer at a local orphanage who wanted to adopt Mika.

As far back as she could remember, Mika always considered the nursery her home and Mrs. Hale her only mother. She didn’t understand why she had to leave.

All throughout her life, the memories of those happy days with mother Hale and the other children at the nursery lingered in her mind. As a tribute to the only mother she ever had, the singer would take the stage name Mika Hale.

As for her adoptive mother, this special woman fell for Mika right from the first day she volunteered at Mrs. Hale’s nursery. She saw beautiful, nimble, strong-minded girl with brown skin, who had a profound inner world.

Mika was an incredibly changeable child, sometimes playing happily and noisily with friends, and at other times, sitting silently looking up to the sky in deep contemplation.

Unfortunately, Mika reacted violently when leaving mother Hale’s home to live with her new adoptive mother. The little girl easily lost her temper, would often burst out in fits of rage and start screaming, showing the stubbornness and willfulness of a 2-year-old girl when anything stood in her way.

One day when she screamed in a shrill voice because of something she didn’t want to do, her adoptive mother gently sat her down and suggested that Mika sing a song instead of yelling.

Mika was suspicious of her adoptive mother’s reasons for doing this, thinking that she was challenging her. In response to her mother’s “dare”, she channeled all her anger and frustration into a song.

Later on, she couldn’t help but find joy in singing whether she had been angry or disappointed, in a good or bad mood. Gradually singing became Mika’s greatest pleasure and music became her world.

In Mika, there exists a special trait that no one ever discovered during her childhood, the power of remembering past lives.

To everyone’s surprise, the first words that came out of Mika’s mouth as a toddler weren’t in English, but Chinese! Mother Hale was surprised but did not pay much attention to the strange babbling sounds made by the little girl. She believed that Mika needed help with her speech, and persistently worked with her to learn English. Strangely though, whenever Mrs. Hale taught a new word, Mika naturally spoke it out in Chinese.

She was also capable of seeing and communicating with beings in other dimensions. When she was alone, Mika lived in her own world.

She would see herself as a fairy who was playing and dancing in a beautifully, resplendent land far away from modern-day America. She and her fairy companions in that world would be dressed in elegant silk costumes like those of ancient Chinese girls.

She talked to them, sometimes she sang Chinese songs with them in a low voice. She was happy with that world and thought that other children in mother Hale’s house could also go there as she often did

When Mika was only about 8 years old, she found herself playing with the fairies as usual when suddenly a “father” rose up before them. He was a large, tall man dressed in a yellow robe with a gentle face.

He smiled at the fairies and pointed down below, saying: “It is time for you to come down from the heavens to save your world, and help the sentient beings who are in the spell of ignorance to return home”… Then Mika and other fairies descended to the world.

Though Mika always thought it was just a child’s dream, the dream kept coming back to her like a memory from long ago.

Mika Hale’s singing career began with the church choir, where her adoptive mother was involved with the music ministry as a singer. But an unexpected incident injured her mother and interrupted her singing career.

Mika Hale sang the American national anthem in the historic match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Thanks her rich and powerful voice, Mike Hale’s singing quickly flourished. She experimented and succeeded with various contemporary music genres at the time: Pop, Rock, R&B, dance… At the peak of her singing career, she signed a half-million-dollar contract with Sony, and was selected to sing the US national anthem in the opening of the historic boxing match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

This massive event was attended by thousands and watched at home by millions more. This live performance was an unforgettable moment for Mika. She showed up with a fiery voice before the boxing match that the whole world was longing for, and her lyrics and style of performance stunned and excited the whole world.

Despite her immense passion for music, for several years she was all but imprisoned and treated as a sex slave by this abuser. Her relationship with other family members also deteriorated.

The pressure she faced from all sides overwhelmed her and these extreme sufferings caused her to resent her life and those around her. Mika’s crisis reached its peak in 2007, pushing her into a state of spiritual paralysis and despair. She often prayed to die soon and be freed from all her miseries and sufferings.

Mika Hale watching her legendary performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

At the celebration of Falun Dafa Day in May 2018 at Union Square in Central Manhattan, the beautiful Chinese song “Forever for this life only” washed over the crowd. The singer was none other than Mika Hale.

Her deep, smooth voice soared throughout the square. Mika sang from the heart and touched all those who were present.

The people who knew Mika were surprised by her great transformation: she sang with a happy and loving expression in completely serene way… Indeed, today’s Mika Hale is no longer a fiery singer. With sincere eyes and a gentle smile, Mika is always ready to share with everyone about the miraculous change that she is still going through day by day…

When Mika was in the greatest moments of despair, the mysterious “father” in her childhood dream came back to her. As an adult, she realized that he was none other than the author of the wise book “Zhuan Falun,” Mr. Li Hongzhi.

Practicing Falun Dafa helps Mika Hale to have peace of mind.

Since 2016, she has been dedicated to practicing Falun Gong, an ancient practice based on the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.Mika began to learn to look inward to find where she had gone wrong and treat people with tolerance and forgiveness. She came to realize that when conflict breaks out, when other people behave badly, only love and compassion can resolve conflicts and defuse hatred.

Mika has become a cultivator, adhering to the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance in her daily life. She finally made it through all the grief and resentment that she had harbored for many years… The relationships with her family and daughter have also been improved. They share their spiritual practice and even sing together.

Mika Hale (left) is practicing Falun Gong.

Mika has had the realization that when her character has improved, her heart has opened, which has fueled her inner strength. Because all of this, the energy from her voice has become more powerful. She also found that the path of musical celebrity she used to pursue was not a righteous art but a corrupt and harmful one that led her astray.

Mika decided to study classical music and music composition, and now sings chamber music and opera. Just six months after starting to learn Chinese she was quite proficient and able to sing traditional songs in an exquisite and delicate way.

She said that when studying Chinese language, she discovered the sound value of each word, which helped her feel the profound inner content of this 5,000 year-old culture. She also wants to share songs with her new audiences in Chinese, the language she brought from her past life.

Mika Hale sings in Chinese.

Captain Dzung Nguyen (left) and singer Mika Hale in the US.

Let’s enjoy the National Anthem of the United States of America, “The Star-Spangled Banner” presented in classical style.

Based on the account of Captain Dzung Nguyen
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