The renowned prophet Datuk Zheng Bojian stated in his latest publication that for the remainder of the year there will be a series of catastrophes that will shake the world and August could be the fiercest. He also warned that the “dark forces” that are undermining Earth will rise up and make themselves felt.

The Malaysian-born prophet gained worldwide recognition after he accurately predicted key events such as the emergence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus and the subsequent paralysis of the world by the pandemic.

Earlier this year Bojian published predictions on major events that happened in the first part of the year, such as the Russia-Ukraine war, geopolitical tensions between major powers, the inflation crisis, energy crisis, assassination of leaders, and other international events.

On July 30, Bojian released a video from his personal YouTube channel “Datuk Zheng Bojian DAC.” He issued a prophetic warning that the second half of this year is a critical time in our history, and especially the fiercest period could be between August 7 and September 7.

Undoubtedly, the world stands at the precipice of a major shifts in power. And the tension is palpable. Among other things, the major powers, especially the United States and its allies, are going through the worst moment of a long dispute with the Chinese Communist Party to define who will be the true world leader. 

The CCP has not stop its policies of intimidation both with neighboring countries and the West and at the same time it continues to implement overwhelming measures in the areas of trade, espionage, violation of international territories, and other issues that keep the international community on the alert. 

For its part, the United States is strengthening its alliances with those governments that oppose the tyranny of the CCP, such as Japan and Taiwan, which has rekindled the CCP’s ire.

Tension in the South China Sea continues to increase following the CCP’s continuous war provocations with neighboring countries claiming territories it has usurped. 

At the same time, the war between Russia and Ukraine is keeping the world on edge and it is difficult to imagine how catastrophic it could be for humanity if a concrete intervention by NATO or the CCP becomes effective, both possibilities are feasible.

These are just some of the problems that keep all governments and citizens of the world on tenterhooks. Faced with such a globalized reality, one false step immediately provokes reactions, even in countries that are geographically and politically farther away from the conflict. 

In short, the bases are perfectly organized so that the prophecy detailed by Bojian can be fulfilled and in the coming months events will take place that will mobilize the political, social, and economic structures of society.

The new predictions of Zheng Bojian 

According to Bojian’s recent predictions, the biggest problems in almost every country are brewing in the dark and will burst at any moment, triggering what he called a “bubble crisis.”

Regarding the CCP virus, the prophet assured that another more powerful wave will be unleashed and more people will die from the disease in America, Africa, Europe, and some Asian countries. 

He also pointed out that two new viruses that attack the body’s immune system will appear, leading to complications and worsening the global pandemic situation.

War conflicts, which had already been anticipated in previous publications, in the second half of the year could multiply in the West due to the inclusion of new actors in the ongoing war. Bojian said, “The energy of civil war will intensify leading to the overthrow of regimes and political warlords.”

On the political side, Bojian anticipated that large-scale anti-government action would erupt resulting in popular rebellions, power struggles, and alliances that would ultimately lead to the resignations of national leaders.

Bojian had already anticipated last year that this would be a turbulent year for the world economy and that a series of adjustments would cause inflation, economic chaos, energy shortages, depression, and recession. 

In his last appearance, in addition to all the catastrophes he announced, he stressed that the economic issue would surely be the most important one for “dark August.” According to his predictions, individuals and governments will face unprecedented economic difficulties in many regions.

More countries will declare bankruptcy and society will fall into deep chaos. In addition, in the second half of the year, a large number of investment projects with unstable foundations will collapse completely. Taking this into account he recommended people not to fall into greed. 

Why can prophets predict the future?

It is curious how modern human beings, in spite of having made great technological advances, often cannot predict with certainty the weather, much less prevent social catastrophes. However, authentic prophets of the past like Nostradamus and some from today were able to accurately predict great and unexpected events. 

In today’s civilization, conventional research methods have failed to provide clear answers to those who seek to attain the wisdom that transcends the common man. For those who stubbornly seek it by that method, the most brilliant theories end up becoming frontiers that enclose man’s knowledge.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many people like to know and study the prophecies, both ancient and some more current and even recent as in the case of Bojian.

There is no scientific answer to support the prophecies, but neither is there one that can deny how so many prophets have accurately predicted unexpected events that actually happened. 

In ancient China, prophecies played an important role in people’s lives. In its more than 5,000 years of history, before communism took over and imposed atheism, the Chinese looked to Heaven for answers and considered prophecies as signs or warnings for mankind to change certain behavior and thus avoid tragedy.

The question of how anyone could predict the great events of the future has always been an enigma for the Western world and a reason to reject it all. But in the East there are answers to this question; and even for many intrepid scientists this question is not taboo.

It is striking that prophecies about humanity, both those of Chinese origin and those of so many other places, often conclude their predictions by describing similar scenarios of much chaos in a period which, in those that identify a date, point to the present.

The Buddha School calls this time the “final period of the Fa (universal Law);” and many prophets allude to a great change or a new world.

Bojian’s prophecies seem to be referring to this period of which the Buddha School speaks. So much so that in his last publication he warned that as of August 6, 2022, the ferocity will double and the “end of chaos” will approach. And he issued a final warning that humanity’s greatest challenge will erupt at the end of the year. 

Throughout the centuries, almost all prophets who have left accurate messages have exhorted the world to believe in God. The warnings usually indicate that only by believing in the divine and maintaining righteousness and goodness can we avoid further karma and safely survive all kinds of disasters.

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