Among countless solitary old men,
I saw his silhouette,
Fearless and resilient.
His name is Donald Trump.

God’s warrior,
He faces not human viciousness,
But a scarlet dragon from earlier times,
Or the original serpent called communism.

The communist specter, filled with virulent hatred,
Means to devastate the kingdom of God.
It occupied the East with violence,
And led the West into decay.

Disguised in “freedom,”
It lured us to indulge in greediness;
Beguiled by political correctness,
We strayed into the quagmire, keeping far away from God.

When submitting to desires,
Men succumbed to the communism harlot;
When giving up our soul for power and wealth,
The world became the prey to the communist specter.

Four years ago God assigned him,
To wake and save America.
He drank to the lees,
And met with malevolent attacks.

While fighting against the CCP he served American well-being,
And realized his promise “Make America Great Again.”
But men are hardhearted,
And despised the good that he did.

Mirroring General Patton,
Trump had borne up for His name’s sake,
And has not grown weary.
With promise and blessing, Father will not fail him.

People say there are few who can help him,
And he is a lonely warrior;
In this fight against the Children of Darkness,
His heart must be broken.

Lonely and helpless he seems,
But this is God’s plan,
To lift him up,
And make him a brave lamb.

Before the eyes of human beings,
It is not competition between parties,
This old man you hate for no reason,
Is an apostle of God!

He showed divine will,
Crushing the communism specter
He regained authority,
Bringing Americans back to their traditional values.

Powerful seem the evil forces,
They are small as a speck of dust in front of the Creator.
Countrymen, it is your time
To choose between good and evil.

You are not choosing between the parties,
Not between Trump and Biden,
But you are choosing good or evil,
The way to heaven or the way to destruction.

Hello, the solitary old man in the White House,
You are least alone.
Son of Light,
Behind you, are millions of Fa-rectified saints!


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