There seems to be an invisible string that connects twins. When one twin is in trouble, the other would quickly sense it.

One afternoon in March 2009, when a girl named Gemma (15) was playing on the first floor, in her mind popped up a strong sense of a terrible hazard that would happen to her twin. At that time, her younger sister Leanne was taking a bath upstairs. Gemma increasingly felt the danger. She ran upstairs, went to the bathroom and found her sister lying motionless face down in the bathtub. Gemma immediately pulled Leanne out of the bathtub and administered first aid, saving Leanne. The doctor said that it would have been impossible to save Leanne had she been just a minute later. This story was later widely shared, and everyone believed that: Leanne did send an SOS message to her sister and Gemma did receive it.

Thanks to telepathy that Gemma sensed the hazard happening to her twin sister (Illustrative photo: (65501387/ Adobe Stock)

In 1982, Harbin Medical University during the investigation of 40 sets of twins discovered a similar situation with another pair of twin sisters. Once, when the elder sister was attending an exam at her school, she had a headache and felt nauseous due to excessive stress. Meanwhile, the younger twin who was watching a movie in the theater suddenly felt a pain in her head and nauseous. She had to leave the theater when the movie was only half done.

On another occasion, when the younger twin went to the hospital to get an abortion, her elder twin, who was sometimes working at home, suddenly felt a pain in her abdomen. The abdominal pain just disappeared until the sister returned home after the surgery. However, it was not understandable how that painful feeling came about at that time.

In fact, there are many other twins who also experience similar feelings at the same time. They even have similar behavior and encounters. Does this mean that a “telepathy” exits between twins?

(206360815/ Adobe Stock)

Actually, It has been shown that this phenomenon tends to be identified more clearly in twins of the same gender. Observations show that a majority of surveyed twins had such signs of “telepathy.” Apparently, the existence of telepathy in twins closely relates to genetic code, physiological and biochemical aspects. It means that if twins are identical, their skin color, body, intelligence, traits, hobbies, to name but a few, are also identical. If they live together or in places which share the same living conditions, they will have the same diseases at the same time.

Such phenomena have happened in many countries around the world. These experiences were also written in famous books such as “Twins Telepathy,” which Playfair listed and researched a lot of unexplained situations. However, how and why the physiological and biochemical mechanism, as well as the psychological mechanism of this phenomenon, occurs remains a mystery.



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