World history is brimming with unresolved mysteries, and many of them are hidden in ancient enigmatic books.

The second part of this article will introduce four of these riveting books.

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6. The Dream of Poliphilo

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili or Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream in English was first published in 1499 in Venice and is a famous example of incunable — a work of early printing. 

The author of the book is anonymous, but due to a hidden clue found in the book’s pages, it is believed to have been written by Brother Francesco Colonna.

The text is curiously written in a latinate language that mixes words from Latin, Greek, Arabic, and ancient Hebrew.

The book presents a mysterious allegory in which the main protagonist, Poliphilo, pursues his love Polia in a dreamlike landscape. Regarded as one of the most beautiful incunabula ever printed, the text is widely sought after also because it includes various secret words that have led many to come up with different hypotheses and conjectures about this book.

7. Codex Seraphinianus

(Carl Guderian/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

This two-volume text created by Italian artist, architect, and industrial designer Luigi Serafini during 30 months from 1976 to 1978, is an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world filled with hand-drawn, colored-pencil illustrations of bizarre flora, fauna, anatomies, fashions, and foods. The images depict anything from surreal parodies of things from the real world to odd, apparently senseless machines.

The book is handwritten in a cipher alphabet of a constructed language created by Serafini. Its alphabet has about 24 characters and is unlike any other language that has created.

Nowadays, this mysterious book is being studied by experts of the occult. The only thing discovered so far is that the word “Seraphinianus” is a variant of the surname Serafini.

8. The book of Soyga

John Dee was a famous Anglo-Welsh mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Not only was he a renowned scholar and adviser to the queen, but he was also interested in occult philosophy. He owned the largest library in England, where he spent his time studying alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy.

One day he discovered Soyga’s Book — a 16th-century Latin treatise on magic that was written in a mysterious secret language. He studied this book for a year and could only prove that the book outlines the magic mantra since he was unable to decipher the secret language it was written in. 

During a trip to Europe, Dee asked the seer Edward Kelley to contact the archangel Uriel to question the angel about the significance of the book. The reply that Dee received was that the book had been revealed to Adam in Paradise by angels, and its secrets could only be interpreted by the archangel Michael.

After his death, the Codex was lost for 500 years. However, two copies of this book were located in the British Library again in 1994, but no one has been able to decode them so far.

9. The Rohonc Codex

(Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain)

The Rohonc Codex is one of the most mysterious books in history to date. In the early 19th century, this manuscript was given to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences located in the city of Rohonc.

One of the reasons why this illustrated manuscript has become so mysterious is that it’s by an unknown author with a text in an unknown language. Most alphabets have between 20 and 40 characters, while the Rohonc Codex has nearly 200 individual symbols in its 448 pages. People have yet to translate the book or discover its origin. Some scholars think the book might have been written in either Hungary, Romania or India.

These mysterious books may contain great secrets of mankind or mysterious prophecies. Unfortunately, with our current science, technology, and limitations in thought, people have not been able to decode them fully. However, it seems that every mysterious book is talking about a prophecy referring to a huge event that will involve the whole universe and might already be happening. Our future could be enlightened by an incredible transformation, so revolutionary that no one could hope to comprehend it.