By Iona Mccombie Smith | The BL

There are sometimes random encounters in life that leave strong feelings in our hearts and change us for the better. These meetings are rare but when they happen they are always for a reason…

Tunisian businessman, Mr. Ali, was living in Doha, enjoying a seemingly fulfilled life. The father of beautiful twin babies and the CEO of a multinational company, MTA Global Group, Mr. Ali had his life figured out. He was just 29 and already had a successful career and family life secured.

Alongside working as a CEO, he was also working as a professional lifestyle consultant and was the proud owner of the Rasma Academy, a project focused on education, not to mention his other major projects in construction, oil, and gas.

Despite his busy and often hectic schedule, Ali knew how to manage his time effectively. He divided his time each day into 5 equal parts, serving each crucial element of his life: private commitments, knowledge updates, relationships, work and rest.

Mohamed Taher Ali.

He managed to cultivate such balance in his life that he never felt that the word ‘busy’ effectively described his schedule. He would rarely even feel the pressure of his many roles and projects. He, and his colleagues alike, knew how to handle any situation. When a challenge was brought to him, he considered it a puzzle to solve and not a problem at all.

“Doing business requires you to face many situations, and I am used to it. Sometimes you are obsessed or caught up into those problems. Though I think I should not take it as a problem, but rather consider it as a challenge, sometimes it’s not even a challenge, but actually, an opportunity,” Mr. Ali once commented.

Ali wanted to keep learning and equipping himself with business knowledge. His continued education in all things was very important to him. To him, knowledge was the shortcut to obtaining every achievement, every task, and every human virtue.

Ali’s work required almost constant traveling, sometimes he would take up to 8-9 trips per week. And of course, not every business meeting or negotiation would always go quite to plan. The fruits of his labor would often take time to come to fruition but he was always happy to enrich his life with new experiences, new people, new cultures, and new opportunities. He humorously once said, “maybe my mission is to set foot on every part of this planet!”

An Accidental Meeting made in London

However, even the most seemingly perfect lives can never be completely without their difficulties. In early 2019, Ali went through a tough time when his business began to fail, he found himself stuck and at a loss. Then on February 6th, 2019, he decided to fly to London to seek some peace and find a solution…

Contrary to his expectations, the foggy city was not at all quiet. People there hardly had the time to experience their own lives because of the hustle and bustle that surrounded them.

In an attempt to escape the chaos of the city, he decided to take a walk to Hyde Park. Almost as soon as he arrived, he saw two Falun Gong practitioners sitting in the meditation position under a shelter in the park. He said to himself, “This is exactly what I need!”

Mohamed Taher Ali poses for a photo with a Falun Gong practitioner. (Photo:

“I walked through the park and saw them, at that time they were meditating, they looked so honest and relaxed. I felt strong positive energy radiating from them. I was not afraid of them, they are very friendly and I was drawn in by them. I thought God had sent me a message that THIS was exactly what I needed. So, I approached them and quietly joined them in meditation. They shared with me their practice of Falun Gong and I was so excited to receive their message.”

Mr. Ali (left) and Falun Gong practitioner Nathalie practice the sitting meditation in Hyde Park’s Buckhill Shelter. (Photo:

Ali felt instantly surrounded by peaceful and strong positive energy. After he finished the sitting meditation, he felt superb, this was exactly what he had been longing for. He had flown a long way but had received the most valuable thing, inner peace.

“Suddenly, I seem to be clear-headed.
I feel like a burden has been taken off me.”
– Mohamed Taher Ali

“When we follow the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance in our daily lives, we are communicating with the universe’s positive energy,” one practitioner shared with Mr. Ali.

Ali thanked the kind and compassionate practitioners. He was also surprised to learn that Falun Gong practitioners teach the exercises free to people who are interested. He said that people often take every opportunity to make money, including those offering spiritual practices. Falun Gong practitioners are different, they would never accept payment in exchange for teaching the ways of the practice.

“London is a beautiful city, but it’s too crowded. If you live here, it’s easy to lose yourself. If you are not wise enough to spend time for yourself, for your inner voice, you will be swept away. But if you have a faith, like meditation, like Falun Gong, then you will appreciate spending time for yourself to find peace,” Mohamed Taher Ali shared.

The Secret of Success

Upon his return to Qatar, Ali could never forget the ways that he benefited from that special journey. His whole philosophy was changed substantially…

“My motto in life is to give. To give is the key to everything in life. Before asking for anything, first, you need to give. If you ask for respect, you need to show your respect. If you desire happiness, you need to give happiness. If you want money, you should give money. When you wish for something, give it first.
– Mohamed Taher Ali

To me, to give is what we need to do to put aside all differences in faith, religion, the color of skin, we are all human. Many ask me why I often travel to many different cities. I always reply that I have my own mission in every place I came across. Forget about discrimination, stop judging, stop naming everything. Just remember that we are one.

I have also found these values in Falun Gong. I have a strong belief in spirituality and positive energy. If something is not authentic, surely it cannot bring out such peace and rest which I saw in those practitioners. I remembered they told me that they helped me simply out of their desire to share the best thing they have with others. I admire their behavior and feel that they are deeply compassionate.”

Practicing Falun Gong really helped Ali to feel peaceful and continues to do so today. Now, Falun Gong exercises are permanently on his list of daily tasks. He considers them vital in gaining and maintaining balance, bringing him peace of mind, and granting himself the wisdom to make decisions correctly.

(Photos courtesy of Mohamed Taher Ali)