‘Why do we find things beautiful?’, asked Plato as he sat in deep contemplation of nature’s splendor. And why indeed should we find a bouquet of flowers to be anymore attractive than a heap of garbage on the side of the road?

Perhaps the Physicist would declare, ‘huh, well it’s obviously because through evolution involving multiple complex codependent systems working out of a necessity to deter entropy that the sequential arrangement of the particles informing the flowers arrived at such a specific order. (snorts) Obviously. And that (pointing rudely at the trash) ha ha, is just a heap of garbage.’

While we can also delve into interpretation of the Biologist and Mathematician on the science of beauty, I will spare you precious grey matter wasted in an attempt to comprehend such illuminations, as no matter how sublimate they are, it will give you naught but an embellished sense of ego to take away after reading this article.

So, to get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth -Plato the greatest philosopher ever existed, remarked that ‘beautiful objects are whispering important truths to us about our lives, they are beautiful because we unconsciously sense in them qualities we need that are missing from our lives.’









(Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple in Bali island) Shutterstock

Balance & Harmony

So the next time you come across something beautiful, take a moment to really see it, let it seep through you, let it teach you a lesson about life and fulfillment and let it take you one step closer to the grace of your soul.

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