The key to not be boring is to honestly express the deeper-self. What does this mean?

It means that throughout life we are constantly engaging with objects and people, whether it is through what we say, what we do or a look that we give. Everything of our experience of life emanates from ourselves in an endless two-way exchange of information.

This means that our characteristics and personality mirrors the characteristics and personality of the people and objects we come across through life. This is one understanding of the phenomenon of ‘fate’.

If we are boring, life will be boring to us, making us progressively more boring. From this point of view, to break out of boring-ness requires a breakthrough from within the self. It requires a switch of mentality.

But to first make that switch, we must first know the self -the potential for real change predicates on the depths of self-understanding.

Do we just regurgitating pop culture? Are we imitating others’ personalities? Do we possess any original thought? Are we able to express our complex but honest feelings?

When we communicate within the frameworks of propriety and lack courage to express what we truly feel and think about life, the conversation becomes censored and stiff, like a kind of formality or social responsibility to uphold.

We should take to heart that no one is ever truly boring, that each of us are unique beings experiencing life in their own unique ways.

Moorwiesen bei Salisbury – Constable John. Credit: Wikipedia

The object of the painting above seems ordinary, but we are able to feel the essence of the artist’s emotional depths in a kind of thought-provoking melancholy. The painting is a medium to the artist’s deeper self. This makes it not a boring scene of nature.

In the same way, kids are full of surprises and are never boring. They have no filter and are uncensored correspondents of their feelings.

There is much for us to learn from kids. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

When we are able to express our feelings and worldview honestly in spite of the vulnerable position it may put us in, we immediately become interesting people.

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