to an old beggar, this poor man was rewarded beyond his wildest dreams

After taking pitying on an old miserable beggar, Victor instinctively decided to give away his last penny to the man. This selfless act of kindness was later rewarded tenfold. The story that follows is a reminder that good deeds are always rewarded with exponential good in return.

Victor was born into a poor family in England. His parents worked as lowly but hard working laborers. Despite living in poverty, his family members never lost their integrity, kindness or compassion.

When he was a child, Victor once came across a pitiful old beggar knocking on doors, begging for food. It was the middle of winter, so the air was crisp and a chilly wind was blowing an incessant gale. The old man was hungry and unimaginably cold. Victor’s mother had only a few coins left, but she handed them all to the old man. Victor, taken aback by her actions, looked at her with a unperceivable look.

for-giving-away-his-last-penny for-giving-away-his-last-penny

His mother quietly explained to him, “If we give this meal a miss, we can perhaps save a life”.

Victor was lucky to grow up in an environment where he persistently witnessed kind words and deeds, dealt at the hands of his parents.

A few years later, when Victor was grown, he was acquainted with a beautiful young lady. Almost immediately, the pair fell deeply in love with each other. But tragically, the girl’s father, who was a respected judge, did not approve of his daughter’s chosen match. In his mind, she deserved far better than to marry a penniless young man such as Victor. So, he cleverly said, “If you can find ten thousand pounds, I will allow you to marry her”.

For a young person such as Victor, who had just started his career, it seemed an impossible task for him to find ten thousand pounds. Victor was so bitterly disappointed that he turned to his good friend seeking comfort and advice.

Daniel, Victor’s friend, was at this time at home painting a portrait of a beggar. He had invited the beggar into his home to sit for the portrait. In his painting, the beggar was presented in old ragged clothing, with deep telling wrinkles etched into his forehead. He was stood stooped over with a cane and held out a bowl in front of him. This image strongly reminded Victor of the old beggar he had seen in front of his house all those years ago.


After talking to the beggar for a while, he learned that the old man was paid a wage of 10 cents an hour. Victor could not help but feel ashamed of his stingy friend for paying this needy sitter such a poor rate. Just then, the doorman informed Daniel of a guest, so he hurried away and left Victor alone with the old man.

Seizing his opportunity, Victor unwittingly put his hands into his pockets, and pulled out one pound in coins. It was his last one pound but Victor took his chance and put the coins into the old man’s hands before Daniel returned. The old man raised his head in amazement and gazed into Victor’s eyes, he accepted his money without a word.


Later, whilst gathering with friends, Victor met Daniel again and so he asked how his portrait of the old beggar was coming along. Daniel told Victor that the old man was not actually a beggar at all. He was Baron Alfred Adler, of a famous and noble family. He had a boundless fortune, and every year he donated a huge amount of money to charitable organizations and universities. Curiously, he wanted to see himself in the appearance of an old beggar so had asked Daniel to portray him as a such.

Upon learning of the beggars true identity, Victor felt shaken and shocked. He felt so ashamed of his indiscretion at that time, that he wished for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. Victor told himself, ‘How could you hand your remaining pound to such a man, a rich man like him? Didn’t you overestimate yourself!’


Not long after, Victor received a letter from Lord Alfred Adler. The letter wrote, “Young man, I was honored by your honesty, integrity and kindness. I was told by Daniel about your beautiful but tragic love story. This letter might help you keep your beautiful love alive”.

There was also an attached greeting card, inside of which there was a check for ten thousand pounds. The message read, “Wedding gift for Victor and Alice. From an old beggar!”.