It was believed that a long long time ago, there was a period when Human and Gods co-existed on the earth. Gods were said to be right by human’s side and provided them with guidance for life. These stories feature in both eastern and western myths and legends. This special section of The Beauty of Life covers the extraordinary accounts of that particular period of time.

Many Gods would descend to our world to save the lives of humans, this has happened since ancient times. Occasionally their intervention would be predestined but more often than not they would roam wherever they pleased, helping those in need that crossed their path.

This was the life of a wandering God or roaming immortal.

(Chinese brush painting/Zhang Cuiying)

Li Ah from the Sichuan Province was an unusual person who lived without the effects of aging. He often spent his time begging in Chengdu City, before giving his collection to the poor. He would leave Chengdu in the evening and return the next morning so no-one ever knew where he lived. Many people would ask Li Ah questions, confident that his predictions would be accurate. His response was made clear by his facial expression; if he showed a cheerful face it was auspicious, a sad face would mean disaster, a smile would indicate happiness and a soft sigh would foresee significant anxieties.

A fellow named Gu Qiang realized that Li Ah was not a normal person. So, he endeavored to serve and follow him. He found that Li lived in the Qingcheng mountain and so went with him there. However, fearful of tigers and wolves Gu Qiang brought with him a large knife, a gift to him from his father. When Li Ah found the knife he was angry and said, “Why are you still scared of tigers if you are with me?” Li then snatched the knife and broke it, which left Gu Qiang feeling fearful and anxious for his safety.

In the morning, while descending the mountain, Li asked Gu, “Are you still worried about the broken knife?” Gu Qiang was worried, but mostly that his father would blame him. Li took out the knife, held it in his hands and then tapped it on the ground. The knife instantly resumed its previous shape.

On their way to Chengdu, Li Ah was violently hit by a speeding carriage, his foot was crushed by the wheel and he was badly injured. He fell to the ground and died. Gu Qiang was heartbroken but remained to guard the body of Li. After a moment, Li suddenly stood up and rubbed his crushed feet with his hands. He was fully recovered.

When Gu Qiang first met Li Ah, Gu was just 18 years old and Li seemed to be in his 50’s. When Gu Qiang was 80 years old, Li still appeared to be in his 50’s. He never did learn to age.

Many years later, Li Ah told people that Gods in the Kunlun Mountain were calling him and he would leave very soon. Li made the journey to the mountain, from which he never returned.

Source: Minghui

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