In daily life, it can be seen how rain, overflowing with momentum, can reach flooding places and cause disasters of some kind. 

Phenomena such as hail or tornadoes are often accompanied by heavy rains, sometimes of unexpected magnitude.

On other occasions, from time to time, we will hear about another type of rain that overflows, not rivers or dams, but people’s expectations.

This type of rain, better known as rain of animals, has been very sporadically documented in different parts of the world.

It is such a rare occurrence that many people are unaware of this phenomenon’s existence and only think of it as a joke or lore.

On the contrary, a few individuals who have witnessed such events have lent them credibility and recounted their experiences in the media.

Historical events

Going back to ancient times, stories of this kind of rain were found in papyri from ancient Egypt, describing how fish and birds would fall from the sky.

In the same way, the Bible mentions various events of this kind, among them, the rain of frogs that plagued Egypt in the Book of Exodus.

1555 engraving of rain of fish. (Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)

In the Middle Ages, in some of the regions where unusual rains occurred, it was thought that fish were born fully grown in the heavens and that they would later fall into the sea.

Recently, several events of animals raining from the sky have been reported.

Some rains bring fish, some bring spiders, frogs, and prawns. Spiders rained in Argentina in 2007, and once every year, fish rain down on the city of Yoro, Honduras.

What does science say?

Data shared by the Muy Interesante magazine has revealed a possible scientific explanation for these unusual events, even though there is no real scientific proof to support this theory.

A possible explanation theorizes that waterspoutstornadoes that happen on the water’s surface can lift up species of animals found on the ground or in rivers, transport them for great distances, and drop them in concentrated points.

Tornadoes and waterspouts may lift up animals into the air and deposit them miles away. (Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons)

In Yoro’s case, since it’s located 200 km from the Caribbean Ocean—too far for any waterspout to reach—some National Geographic researchers have reached a different conclusion.

After noticing that the freshwater fish that are found in Yoro are completely blind, scientists concluded that the fish might not fall from the sky. They theorize that heavy rains would probably force the fish that live in underground currents to come to the surface.

Although there is a rational explanation to justify this event, many people have drawn extreme conclusions when observing a group of fish, spiders, or toads falling from the sky. There are even some who think that they fall from another dimension, upon the opening of some kind of interdimensional portal.

Beyond the theories, the citizens of Yoro know exactly how to take advantage of this situation in a more practical way. In the annual festival of Lluvia de peces, the proud inhabitants celebrate the rain of fish by collecting the creatures and making a delicious meal out of them.

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