According to ancient wisdom, each person’s energy emits its own particular color. The radiated energy forms a field that surrounds the person – the resulting glow looks like an aura that envelops the person’s body.

Nowadays, various methods have been invented and applied to take photographs of this energy field. There are also very perceptive people in this world who claim to have the ability to see the colors of people or objects’ auras with their own eyes, unaided by a camera’s technology.

The first level in the aura’s enlightenment color scale is red – which can be seen when both the spirit and the body arise spiritually – then the energy turns orange, then yellow, and green.

The colors’ order would be the following: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, purple, and finally “colorless.”

According to ancient spiritual guides, when a person’s aura reaches “colorless” spectrum, they have already completed their spiritual cultivation on Earth – their body is made of and emits higher-level energy that looks “colorless” or transparent. It is said that this is the manifestation of the energy that a saint or a god would emanate.

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