It’s a commonly held belief that only children can learn from adults. Albeit that can be true, it is also true that if adults changed their perspective, they would discover that there is a lot to be learned by observing little ones.

Children are better teachers than we think: they have the outstanding ability to absorb new knowledge without judgment, the capability of feeling wonder and surprise and, above all, their thought process is still innocent, unmarred by the injustices of this world.

Behind their innocence, dwells their heart’s sincerity and purity. By looking into the eyes of a child, you will be able to witness it firsthand. Children’s lives are so simple that adults should strive to imitate them.

For example, no matter how poor or rich their family is, how many toys they have, or how much technology they have access to, children under the age of three or four still enjoy playing with dirt, sand, a cardboard box, or anything they can put their hands on.

They have few desires and little ambition – therefore, generosity is common among little ones.

Their lack of complex thoughts means that they can be spontaneous, behave naturally, and be true to themselves. Adults could learn a thing or two by children’s simplicity and innocence.

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