In ancient times, the qualities that connected jade gemstones and gentlemen were used to discipline and inspire scholars and officials alike.

The ancient Chinese used metaphors to refer to and muse about emotional or spiritual states. Some were comparable to the precious jade gemstone since its qualities resemble the gentleman’s virtue.

Jade is soft and radiant, the qualities that represent benevolence. It can have a sharp edge, but it will not hurt others, a trait that represents righteousness. When it hangs on a wall as a precious ornament, it represents proper manners. All jade is solid and dense, the characteristics that represent wisdom. It is colorful, but it is transparent from the inside out nonetheles s, which represents honesty.

In the words of the wise Confucius: “A gentleman’s virtue is compared to jade, as it is gentle and beneficent, which shows that a gentleman is the model for appreciating the human character.”

Confucianism found its representation in jade, for it displayed its five fundamental qualities: benevolence, rectitude, good manners, wisdom, and honesty.

Jade can bring its harmonious energy to many things, just as a virtuous gentleman can help those around him.

From the perspective of this millenary culture, by rediscovering traditional beliefs and values – such as beauty, harmony, and virtue – we can finally put an end to the numerous conflicts that have thrown our modern society into disarray and chaos.

Source: BLes

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