One day, a boy picked up a dollar on the street. He went to a nearby shop and asked: “Excuse me, do you sell God here?” The shop owner didn’t reply, and, wanting to be left alone, shooed the boy out of the store.

The night was beginning to fall, but the boy kept asking his question at store after store. But when he reached the 29th store, he finally got an answer.

The 29th store’s owner was a grey-haired man with a gentle expression on his face. He looked at the boy and asked: “Hello there. Tell me, son, what do you want to buy God for?”

The boy said to the old man, with tears in his eyes, “My name is Billy. My parents died when I was very young. My uncle Ralph has brought me up since then. My uncle is a construction worker,” he continued, “but he fell from high up at work and hurt himself badly.”

“The doctor said that only God can save my uncle,” the boy explained, with sadness. “I know that God must be a very good thing so I want to buy it for my uncle to eat. It’s only so that he’ll get better!”

The old man asked, “So how much money do you have?”

The boy quickly replied, “I have one dollar.”

The old man replied, “Oh, that’s lucky! The price of God is exactly one dollar.”

A moment later, he went into a drawer and took a soft drink labeled “God’s Kiss,” and handed it to Billy. He said, “Take it!” If your uncle drinks this, he will recover.”

Billy was so excited, he held the bottle close to his chest and immediately returned to the hospital. As soon as he entered his uncle’s room at the hospital, he announced, “I’ve brought God here for you! You’ll get better soon!”

A few days later, a group of the best medical specialists went to the hospital to conduct a consultation for his Uncle Ralph.

They used the most sophisticated techniques to treat him and, miraculously, Uncle Ralph made a complete recovery.

When Billy’s uncle was discharged from the hospital, he saw the massive hospital bills and almost fainted.

Much to his surprise, the hospital told the recovered uncle, “A few days ago, an old man came to pay for the hospital fees. The man is a billionaire who used to be the CEO of a multinational corporation but has now retired and runs a small grocery store down the street. He was the one who paid for all those expensive doctors, too.”

When he heard this, Uncle Ralph was so grateful that he and Billy went straight away to find the old man and thank him. When they arrived, they found out that the old man had closed the grocery store and gone on vacation abroad.

Sometime later, Uncle Ralph received a letter from the mysterious old man. In the letter, he had written: “Young man! You are very lucky to have a nephew like Billy. In order to save you, he took one dollar all over town, looking to ‘buy God.’”

“Please thank God, as it is God who saved your life!”

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