Recently, a video circulated on Chinese social media showing armored police vehicles on patrol in Hunan province, with the loudspeakers on the roof warning: “Do not leave your residence!”

In the footage on Twitter, the armored police automobiles are sign-written “Zhuzhou Special Police.” Their loudspeakers constantly repeat: “Do not leave your home. Do not visit other people’s homes. Do not gather. Those who do not obey the command and violate the epidemic prevention regulations will be dealt with severely.”

According to The Epoch Times, the video is no longer on Chinese social media but on a Twitter account named Songpinganq.

Residents of Zhuzhou city said the armed police cars were only to scare the people. However, one resident recognized the voice and the area in the video. 

A man used the pseudonym Wang who lives in the Yuetang subdistrict, told The Epoch Times, “The armored police vehicles appearing in Yuetang subdistrict say in their loudspeakers that they are conducting ‘armed patrol.’ They are not targeting the COVID virus; they are targeting us people! They want to scare us.’”

Wang confirmed that the area shown in the video is the Yuetang subdistrict. He said, “I am familiar with the streets, and I know the voice from the loudspeaker.”

Wang also disclosed that people in other areas had stood up to the local authorities. “I know that a man in Hetang district breached the barricades several days ago, trying to get out from the locked-down Yuetang subdistrict because he wanted to get back to work.”

He added a villager from Pukou Town, Liling County, injured a guard with a knife who tried to stop him from leaving the village. The staffer wasn’t in life-threatening danger.

The day after the two incidents, besides the Hetang and Lusong districts, the city authorities eased isolation measures in most areas.

According to Wang, the armored police cars only spark further opposition from the desperate residents who no longer fear the authorities.

He said, “I have been locked down for many days now. If the isolation measures continue for several more days, I will run out of food. Then I will definitely breach the barricades as well because I will be starving.”

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