On November 8, nearly 30,000 students from Huanghe Institute of Science and Technology rushed out of the school gate with their luggage. This scene is likened to the Foxconn great escape.

Around the school, taxis and private cars were packed, forming a long line on the road.

Students crowded all the streets leading to the entrance.

However, some students who escaped said that after arriving at Zhengzhou train station, all Huanghe students were detained and were not allowed to leave even though they had antigen certificates.

Many localities have also received warnings about tracking and controlling Huanghe students when they return to the community.

China Digital Times quoted the news disclosed by “Li Qi Talks about Information” that the school was going to be on holiday on the 8th, and many students urgently packed their bags to return home. At noon the school suddenly prevented the students from leaving, and in the afternoon, many students rushed out of the school en mass.

Sources said that the school’s students began to isolate at the dormitory on October 8 when eight positive cases were detected.

Huanghe Institute of Science and Technology, located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, is the largest private university in China.

Some netizens said that the students were worried they would face the same situation as workers at Foxconn.

Contrary to the worries of many netizens about isolation conditions, quite a few students have spoken out to confirm that the school is doing very well in anti-epidemic work. By posting photos that prove meals are provided with complete and guaranteed nutrition.

The relevant reports are now removed from the entire domestic network.

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