Zhengzhou has just announced that it would impose new movement curbs for about a week. Schools in the main city district will be closed. People will shift to remote work.

As the news broke, many Zhengzhou residents rushed to stock foods, creating chaos in many markets.

Photos shared by local netizens showed many residents even buying the whole pigs and carrying them home on motorcycles.

The recent Shanghai outbreak has frightened people in Zhengzhou. Previously, many Shanghai residents have found the meat they received from the local government was very low in quality. Some weren’t even edible.

Local netizens in Zhengzhou have also posted images of residents vying with each other for food at the market.

One netizen said he just came to buy a bag of spicy sticks. But after only 20 minutes, the main entrance of the supermarket was crowded with people. No one was able to enter. Another noted that at one point, in just an hour, supermarkets and farmers’ markets became all empty.

Another netizen said at first she looked at the dry food in her home, and thought that she would be ok and did not need to buy more. But as soon as she witnessed this scene, she was really panicked and changed her mind.

Zhengzhou is a major logistics and transportation hub, located in central China’s province of Henan. It is home to the world’s largest iPhone assembly plant, Foxconn.

On Monday, May 2, Zhengzhou added 6 new cases, 2 symptomatic and 4 asymptomatic. So since March, the city has confirmed a total of 161 cases, including 31 confirmed and 130 asymptomatic cases

Zhengzhou would build a makeshift hospital with 4,000 to 5,000 beds. It will be put into use on May 15.

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