On November 7, a widely circulated news said: When the residents of Shibalihe Street Community, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou went out, in addition to the requirement to have a 24-hour negative nucleic acid testing certificate and actively present the health code and scan the code outside, they are also required to fill out the “Going Out Registration Form.” However, residents noticed that it included information unrelated to the pandemic, such as “political status,” “occupation,” and “does not allow you to go out without filling it out.” The incident sparked controversy on social media, and most netizens suspect it may be a public political inquiry. A netizen angrily asked: “Is this a community or a prison?!”

The Chinese people pointed out that this is a form of police interrogation, every resident in the area becomes a criminal suspect. Where do they go, what do they do, whether they come back or not, what are they doing, whether they are Party members or not? So they must report one by one.

There are 13 required entries in the “Going Out Registration Form.” In addition to name, gender, age, phone number, address, identification number, health code, and population type, you must also fill out your occupation, political status, the reason for going out, whether you return to the community, and whether you’re a homeowner or not.

According to an interview with Chinese media, a person in charge of the Lanwan Community of Shibalihe, surnamed Liu, said that this information was collected by the district office and sent to a database. He also said, “The registration form to go out is not mandatory. You just need a 24-hour nucleic acid testing certificate and a green health code to go out.”

Regarding the issue raised by the netizens that residents are not allowed to go out without filling out the form, the person in charge did not answer but only said that after collecting the information, they would pass it to the district office’s database and no one else.

Regarding the purpose of creating the form, the person in charge explained, “The collection of information about the political status is to see if these people can serve the fight against the pandemic. Another aspect is due to the need to ‘manage big data.'”

Officers from the Shibalihe Community Pandemic Prevention Bureau told reporters that they did not know this form and that “the community did it on its own.”

Some netizens said seven sub-districts under Shibalihe Community’s management have requirements like this.

According to Sound of Hope, most netizens were outraged, leaving comments such as:

“What does it mean to fill out a political background, to let the people out or not to let the people out?”

“Why do you have to fill out the political background of the three ancestors before you can leave the sub-district?”

“Our sub-district just also asked who the Party members are.”

“The leaders in Zhengzhou are said to live in sub-districts like this. Do they need to fill these out?”

“I predict … if this continues for a few more months, community killings may occur.”

The CCP’s system of “Political Inquiry” originates from Mao Zedong’s campaign against the AB Corps in Jiangxi, the Yan’an Rescue movement, the “anti-right wing,” and the “Cultural Revolution,” described as: “bath in blood three times, boil in alkaline three times.”

The “Cultural Revolution” disaster was a political examination of the entire people based on Mao’s thoughts. Lin Biao said Mao’s thoughts were a “meat mill” that strangled everyone from within the Party to the outside. Those prosecuted include President Liu Shaoqi to Marshal Peng Dehuai, Lin Biao, He Long, and many others.

According to Sound of Hope, Zeng Peiyan, former deputy secretary-general of the CCP’s central economic and financial leadership group, pointed out that the history of the Chinese Communist Party “is a dark history with the crime of using the pen to judge people.”

There is a view that the CCP has a history of using political censorship to conduct political repression. It’s been going on for decades, and this inertia has never stopped. It’s just that it’s gone from being hidden to public again.

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